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I got bored, and made this frozen parody. enjoy

Do you want to build a sentry?
come on, lets go build
i never see you anymore
come out the spawn room!
it's like you gone away.
We used to be best buddies
and now we're not
I wish you could tell me why!
Do you want to build a sentry?
It doesn't have to be a sentry.

"Bugger off, Pyro"

"Ok, Bye"
Do you want to build a sentry?
Or chase spies down the road
I think blu is overdue
I've started talking to
The sniper on the wall
(Good shot, mate!)
It gets a little lonely
All these empty points.

Just watching the administrator announcing the time
(5 minutes left in the mission)

Pyro: (Taunting)
please, i know you're in there
Red's been asking where you've been
They Say "Dispencer here" and I'm trying to
I'm right out here for you, let me in
It's just you and me
what are we going to do?

Do you wanna build a sentry?
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2 late but Merry Christmas, Cherno Hacker. Have a good one homie~
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How was your surgery! :o
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Got peed on and bled. awesome - Kelson 2016