* Puffs a gust of cigarette smoke *

* Eyes you, nonchalantly but acknowledging of your sudden presence *

* you stand right in front of her, not moving a muscle *

* Suddenly, a strong sultry voice bewilders you... *
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Hey there, stranger
Call me Sugar, Sweet, or whatever the hell you find ecstatic in your pathetic life.

If you have been paying attention, and I sure hope you were , I am the kind person who offers.... services for my clients in exchange for some cash.

If you want a whole night escort, talk to my boss she's in the back, she gets quite picky when it comes to potential regulars, all the more so especially when I have to deal with goons or mercs or some bullshit with the government, so it's only fair if it doesn't inconvenience you. i'm sorry in advance.

And don't you even try to tell on any of us at this joint pal, cuz we have agents as backup, so don't do anything funny or you'll get a shotgun blast to your cute face.

my worker ID is 1137, if you wanna hire me, stand right in front of the scanner by the corner over there and enter the number. simple stuff, you're welcome.

As for fetishes and kinks; don't get your hopes up, Natalia over there is way better then all of us with the weird shit you common people lust over these days, however, that worker is as expensive as a model 1M8 private jet and she'll suck you dry literally, fu fu fu

But don't worry, i'm the best of the cheap ones, and i'll try to do whatever the heck you want unless it involves manure or some extreme activities, by then i'd kick you right in your marbles until you get back all the brains you lost for whatever reason.

* puffs smoke towards your face *

enjoy the happy hour by the way.

I know you're new here, but don't stare, you're creeping the guards out.

ugh, fine i'll take this chance to tell you more about myself,

I used to be an accountant at FUTURE LLC. until an incident happened which left me jobless and without hope in the near FUTURE heheh.

* throws the cigarette in the trash bin before she gusts the final smoke, rests a leg against the wall, folds her arms and continues.... *

Life has become even more expensive and too much of a hassle for a low class broad like me to work in anything but freelance jobs, however, I don't really care, I've become used to all of it pretty much at this point.

oh wait I forgot something, excuse me for a minute.

* takes out her phone that apparently was in between her bosoms the whole time and dials a number, waits a bit while you look at her awkwardly *

Abby! I forgot to tell you to clean the room I last used, would you kindly do that one up now?

* gibberish sounds off the receiver *

thank you *muah!*

* ends the call, turns off the phone screen and returns it back where it was *

* lowers the glasses a bit to give you a more careful look, her finger nails polished crimson red showing off her white -apparently smooth- skin *

what? can't a lady have a small conversation with another co-worker to make your experience better?

* your eerie silence has somehow activated something beyond the black visors of hers *

* sigh * i'll take your silence as admiration, or shock... or.... * stops and eyes you further *


I'm not looking for anyone to enter my life at the moment, especially since I have someone that I already like.

* readjusts glasses as they were before and starts to proffer with her hand *

Not to mention that I'm still trying to settle a personal work of mine with some older regulars. It's complicated and I don't prefer to talk about it right now if you don't mind.... my fault I brought it up anyway.

But i'm thinking of saving some bank credits to get outta this hell hole, and I guess you think the same if you're smart. congressmen cannot be trusted here and I always get moles trying to get info about random citizens here and there. I just hope you're not one of them.

* tries to soften her voice a little bit more.... *

ugh where are my manners? of course you came here to have fun, right? pick me honey, you won't regret it.

* lowers the visors and winks... her eyes illuminating yellow before readjusting the black glasses again *

* tries to make a pose, her breasts look ordinary and her body doesn't look curvy enough like most girls in the place. seems like this one doesn't look fond of the new body mods on the market, but the outfit looks peculiar and interesting *

* Behind all the tough and mature looks, there used to be some sort of an innocence type of motif somehow still persistent within her person. behind all the cigarette smell, there's that sweet aroma of cherry and baby lotion prevalent throughout her body. not underaged, but certainly doesn't look that old either. a rare sight to behold in a girl her age with such demeanor *

To be honest, you look like my type, if you wanna hire me i'll give you a discount whaddya say?

* waits for you, either eagerly, or irritated a bit *

Uuuuuh ....

* lowers her voice, sound almost a whisper.... *

try to make yourself busy at least, hire someone, anything just don't stand here c'mon!

* looks left and right *

* slowly unzips the jacket to flash her breasts and zips it again *

* worried look intensifies *

* smiles sheepishly, apparently trying her best to lighten up the mood somehow *

aaa ha ha ha you kinda remind me of my ex! did he ever tell you about me or something? haha sneaky bastard

* suddenly she drops the act, looking stern and professional *

Ok I get it, you need info or something, I expected a G-man or two since they've been absent earlier this week.

who are you looking for?

Sir, ma'am, or whoever behind this creepy ugly coat, you're creeping me out and interrupting other customers.

* swears something foreign under her breath *


* it was evident that trouble was going to find its way to you, however, in the last second, a swift hand grabs hold of the girl's right shoulder and she halts in her position and glances at the perpetrator *

oh Anna! this person special to you? they creeped me out and I was going to call the guards...

*Anna had her eye on you since the moment she stopped the girl from calling you out, but then spoke to her casually...*

oh yeah, I was surprised you waited that long, sorry you had to deal with that person. they are no ordinary client anyway...

you in the coat, please follow me

* the boss, Anna, takes you away from the frustrated skimpily clothed spinster and further into her establishment, passing by more guards and sex-workers *

* you both enter an office room that looked like it belonged to a museum more than a business owner judging by the lighting and the sheer amount of antiquity lying around *

welcome to Anna's fresh creampies, I was expecting you
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[h1]Leons Desk [/h1]
-Left handed Side: NED
-Right handed Side: MRG
Reward: Extended Mag (Leon) Quickloader (Claire)

[h1]Locker Codes [/h1]
-3rd Floor Locker: DCM
-2nd Floor Shower Room Locker: CAP
-Upper Sewer Control Room Locker – SZF

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SugarCakes May 26, 2019 @ 2:35pm 
just ADD a new layer on your 2D self with JPG files of skull and bones and there, skin TAKEN OFF!
♥ λbby.chr May 26, 2019 @ 2:25pm 
Can you teach me? I'm 2D too.
SugarCakes May 26, 2019 @ 2:13pm 
nah it's not... if you're 2D
♥ λbby.chr May 26, 2019 @ 8:43am 
Wait what? That seems really painful
SugarCakes May 26, 2019 @ 8:15am 
i'm always naked. i just take off my skin ;3
♥ λbby.chr May 25, 2019 @ 5:40pm 
Don't undress