Blazing Sugar
Heya! I'm Sugar ,

Feel free to add me, but beware... I have a nose of a hound, and it smells "bull-manure" miles away

I roleplay, play games and chill. I hate competitive "boyish" games. I like sci-fi and thrillers to keep my brain from sleep. I love old things... and everything sweet.

Favourite song after work

My discord: Sugarbubbles#1137
Oh hey therey
Sorry I did not notice you barged into my profile without any warning. I was busy reading some comics and answering a few calls from strangers.

Name's Sugar, already introduced myself on the description near my avatar, but a reminder doesn't hurt.

If you wanna have a quick chat about whatever... I'm fine with any topic, we can even take it to discord and chat it out even more. I am fine with any topic, just please don't be creepy.

I play all kinds of games, though recently I've been running through the Visual Novel junk that piled up in my library and most of them are silly romance stories with an aftertaste that I'm dying to get rid of soon to be honest.

Wanna hit me up and roleplay? sure thingie. Just feel comfy and bring up any scenario you can think of, and don't worry about continuity, maybe the scenario I or you have created for the session is not very good or maybe you want a change of scenery. I usually treat my roleplays like that scene from the Matrix where Neo and Trinity are in a white void and shelves stocked with guns just slide in out of nowhere.

Sorry if I don't immediately respond sometimes. I usually quickly check on my steam app via phone during work and you may get online status from my end, but I'll try my best to answer you as soon as possible...

eeeeeh... what else what else?

I like reading Eastern manga like GitS, Akira and other sci-fi titles in addition to slice of life romances like Wotakoi. Though I also read Western comics; "looking at you Archie and Vampirella"..... A mix of east and west sounds like Yin Yang in a way... or not, pffffft whatever :hcs_nikki:

I may continue adding more to this text... not sure, but it is nice to leave possibilities for changes in the future. I may even add more sassy banter here to spice it up a bit.

Okay, Profile invader, feel free to browse. Just stay awesome and drink water. Avoid the soda and be nice to people :nekoheart:

Hey Abby ,

This is for you :8bitheart: :8bitheart: :8bitheart:
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This guide is for the best run in the game, Masochistic Karryn as well for the achievement "I'm sorry for being a masochist"

It depends on which game mode you will play but there's gonna be a lot of losing and game overs.
A lot of passives are only un
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Blazing Sugar Apr 26 @ 6:49am 
You're welcome hon :necroheart:
xminx|λiba Apr 26 @ 5:43am 
hey sugar, i saw the note

thank you ;w;
xminx|λiba Jan 16 @ 12:07am 
thanks sugar x-x
Sore Bones Dec 25, 2021 @ 3:19am 
merry christmas, you sweetest santa
Sore Bones Dec 25, 2021 @ 3:19am 
my sugar intake is always kept in check when you’re around <3