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- I spend most of my time at work, but I can spare a few minutes to chit chat, just be cute and lovely and I'll dedicate my life and soul to be with you, else I'll slap you like this :hcs_nikki:

a recorded document of my brain

I can't get enough of that maid uniform
Want to offer my sacrifice to the coffee goddess
You can't fool me, wannabe weaboo!
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ummm, hi

didn't expect you to barge in like that. I hope you don't mind the fur and hair lying around. we neko people tend to leave places with our "markings"

However back to my point, you could have knocked on the door! I know my profile looks peculiar, but that doesn't mean you can always bust in without any warning!

ugh, anyway, her are your nekomimi...

what? don't you wanna join us? but they'll look good on you, c'mon!

agh okay fine... have it your way

you're welcome to stay if you want, but don't look creepy or you'll ruin the vibe, got it?

~ nyaan nyaan ~




how despicable of you... meanie, think you're clever huh? you're not gonna take any pantie shots from me. cry me a river

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Okay you've seen enough, how about you purr away now? shoo shoo!

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yes sugar!
Sugar von katzen Feb 27 @ 5:32am 
now be a good kiddo and wash the dishes with me
actually it suits you
Sugar von katzen Feb 27 @ 1:52am 
what? you don't like me as mama?