kat! ♥
Hey I'm kind of okay at TF2. Please message me if you add me so I know who you are. Thanks <3

I'm taken please don't try to e-date me
Snaztrap 3 hours ago 
Thanks for the fun, GG!
Sunny Mantratel Jul 14 @ 12:13am 
from fellow tran furry, i say that i love your sona, she is Very Good
R L B O T Jul 7 @ 12:38am 
if that demoman was legit it scared the hell out of me
i had to turn my music off and my brain on
:cloud: Jun 25 @ 6:17pm 
:2015cookie: here's your cookie, sorry I took a bite out of it back in 2015
『TopHat Pyro Man™』 Jun 10 @ 5:38am 
Okay look, I'll be honest, I think you are H E L L A cool, aaaannnnndddd I know it's probably weird, but please, I would like to be your friend or at least try lol. The best I can give you is laughs, emotional support, fucking stupid fun times, and garbage gmod/traditional art. Either way though, shout out to someone who lands pipes yo
『TopHat Pyro Man™』 Jun 10 @ 4:30am 
dude my respecrt for you my guy Lands pipes like a god