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No, but Origins is great. Best AC game.
Jul 5 @ 12:08pm
In topic New Targeting System Update
For me it works when you orient camera on each enemy. The problem is how the camera reacts when you lock on. Wheel also works to cycle through targets.
Originally posted by Number_XI:

Can you confirm me that this issue happens when you are walking and that you don't need to be in a fight ? Recentering your camera in front of you ?

Yeah, it happened when I walked or ran. But it only lasted a few minutes in a certain area of the map. So it's a bug I guess?
It doesn't happen all the time, as I just found out. Now I want to know if this is a bug or deliberate.
Now whenever I move, the camera centers straight ahead, so you can't walk or run and be looking up or down. This is really annoying and even nausea inducing. I swear this wan't in the game before today. Please tell me there's a way to disable this.
Jul 2 @ 6:59pm
In topic AC: origins vs The Witcher 3
Jul 1 @ 9:03pm
In topic RPG elements?
Where are the stats and skill trees? What about dialog choices and branching paths? Not sure who this Don Bluth guy is, but he sure doesn't know much about fantasy games. Also, when are we getting a sequel?
Jul 1 @ 7:31am
In topic Saving in this game is BS
I think after the first completion it should unlock quicksaves. I made a couple mistakes as well due to some misleading dialogs.
Jun 28 @ 5:52pm
In topic Cycling Locked Targets...
I hope it can be mapped to mouse wheel. This aspect of the game is frankly broken.
Jun 26 @ 7:09pm
In topic Setting waypoints on map is broken
Originally posted by Darakon:
I had the same problem as you guys using Keyboard+mouse. Turns out it's the resolution of the game! My native resolution is 1920x1200, and the marker is way off. Changed it to 1920x1080 just to test, and that totally solved it!

That makes sense Thanks.
Jun 24 @ 7:58pm
In topic Setting waypoints on map is broken
Weird. I have it mapped to left mouse button and it consistently appears up and to the left about an inch away. Maybe I'll try to remap it.
Jun 24 @ 7:53pm
In topic Setting waypoints on map is broken
Doesn't work for me. Using mouse and keyboard.
Jun 24 @ 7:53pm
In topic Will we see a DLC in the future?
I'd rather they just patch, and move on. This game feels like an inbetween project for them. Not something they were fully commited to.
Jun 24 @ 7:51pm
In topic Setting waypoints on map is broken
They don't appear where you click. They appear on the map like an inch away. Needs to be fixed.
The reason we may never see it is because they're showing a verticle slice they may not be able to match for the full game. I love CDPR and want to give them the benefit, but this is exaclty what happened with TW3.
It doesn't seem to work very well. Are the devs aware of this?
Originally posted by Raggz:
Pick target with CTRL then use mouse to switch.... with mouse movement.
So just use camera orientation then? Thanks. Will give it a go.
I missed this during the tutorial and apparently there's no in-game manual. Anyone tell me how to do this?
Jun 6 @ 8:38pm
In topic how close vampyre to the witcher 3?
I'm not far in but they clearly push hard for grey morality and there's some definite similarities to the frantic style combat in TW3.
Jun 4 @ 9:20am
In topic Good idea bad lead
Originally posted by MaTheMeatloaf!:
Originally posted by Lightning:
Would have been nice to play a female as well, also would have gotten alot more purchases that way too imo
Yes it would have, As a memeber of the Me2movement i fully support female leads. Look at the way Star Wars Han solo bombed because of the male lead, Its 2018 people want more women
You need a hobby.
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