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Hello and congrats on finding this profile, usually i'm offline on this account and not on it like i use to a year ago, you'll find me more on Discord and Roblox (Roblox Name is: Loginnathan) (Discord is Loginnathan#3682, Sometimes i changed it. Atm it's now Loginnathan#3682) But when i am on Steam i'll either be playing TF2, Gmod, Dark Souls, or any game i bought (Like Bendy And The Ink Machine, Clone Drone In The Danger Zone) My name used to be FD-DeathTeamOfficer (Soundwave) due to my being in two clans (Soundwave use to be my only name thing) but now as you can see my name as now. It has changed o3o)

Anyways Enjoy this place

P.S I don't trade for 2 reasons
1: I'm shit at trading and accused for scamming due to the soul fact i'm shit
2: I don't enjoy trading, so don't ask

Other things to know.
1: Don't send me a random Friend request if i have never met you in game and/or talked to you

2: I'm a firendly person so if you want to have a friendly conversation in my profile chat. Please type in "#GentlemanChat" in my profile chat and we can talk there ^^

3: If anyone decided to skip the trading part, i'll say it again I DON'T TRADE NOR WILL I TRADE EVER DUE TO THE 2 REASONS UP ABOVE (READ ^^)

Anyways enjoy

From Nate

--- Word of Wisdom ---
"There's a reason why we have a Past, Present, and Future, The past is when we brought first sight in our love ones, The Future is what is in store for us, and the Present is our love to one another"

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