leonardo   Rimini, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
twitch= https://www.twitch.tv/lennygold
loves impossible games that trigger his inner rage :steamsalty: (but rarely ragequits) if you gift me a game on my wish list, i'll gladly 100% it for you :rubiWink:
traits = 2d platformer god, glitch hunter, born victim, steel middle fingers, walking Wings of Vi glitch encyclopedia
is = the guy, the chair, killed the guy, went to parallel world, the boshy, the Vi, the micromedley, the coop, the cat, found my destiny, the needle game, like zoop, like brisulph,
hardest game beaten: wings of vi demon mode DOOMED!!!- to solgryn╭∩╮( ͡° ل͟ ͡° )╭∩╮i've got the proof now you little shits :P
hard games beaten: (i may have forgot some and add them later, or i just find it too easy :amyWhat: )
the end is nigh 100% + nevermore + all cartridges
bloody trapland 100% + all race stars
ittle dew 2 100% + secret boss
point perfect all bosses + final boss you
AVGN adventures 1,2 - bolth on the hardest difficulty
boredom (wouldn't really consider this game hard if it wasn't for the final boss)
IWBTB on rage mode
not another needle game true ending
IWBTG on very hard
i wanna go to the parellel world
super meat boy 106% with all achievements (yes, even impossible boy)
1001 spikes 100% achievements
cuphead 200% all S and P ranks (everybody says it's hard, i say try out wings of vi, then we talk)
hyper flex
super hexagon 100%
140 100% all mirrored levels
cave story+ hard mode true ending
getting over it - with Bennett Foddy (2 hours and 47 minutes)

WRs and speedruns
in-game leaderboard WR; wings of vi demon doomed 1:47:42
in-game leaderboard WR; wings of vi demon doomed mirrored 4:56:08
in-game leaderboard WR; wings of vi angel any% 34:48 IGT
Celeste all red berrys 1:44:59.520
Celeste 114% WR 4:19:47.528

favourite games (in order):
1 :ItsBoshyTime: . hollow knight
2 :jazzy: . south park the stick of truth
3 :amyWhat: . hearthstone
4. the end is nigh
5. find you
6. terraria
7. i wanna kill the guy
8. 1001 spikes
9. ittle dew 2
10. cave story

wings of vi would be on the list if it wasn't so glitchy :gravestone:

favourite charcters:
lance from ebf 2-4(5)
Macie from wings of vi

favourite line: YOU ARE NOTHING TO ME! vs SMELT! THEM! DOWN!

favourite roast: i am sending you a message right now, it's just that you can't see my hand :steammocking:

loves: skill based stuff, strategy
hates: RNG :steamsalty:


Q: isn't boshy harder than wings of vi? A: https://media.giphy.com/media/VrSZDlpRaHYje/giphy.gif
Q: why do you give middle fingers to solgryn? A: because the game is almost as glitchy as sonic 06, if not more glitchy; art is good thou! :steamhappy:
Q: OMG U LIOR U DUN HAVE THY GAMES ON STEM SO U DIDN'T BEAT DEM A: steam is not the only gaming platform, but it's the one i use the most
Q: bobs? A: my body is ready
Q: what do you consider bullshit rng? A: basicly anything below 1/10 of something bad happening, and wings of vi
Q: did you get over it? A: :steamsalty:
Q: what sexually attracts you? A: stegosaurusses, or thicc women; but mainly stegosaurusses
Q: how do i become pro? A: don't die :steammocking:
Q: how many game over screens? A: game over, press R to restart - game over pro tip: alt+f4 - lol u died lol lol u died - defeat press respawn - YOU DIED!
Q: what is wings of vi? A: the dark souls of cuphead
Q: what is your dream game? A: a challenging and fair 2d platformer, with no rng and little to no glitches, everything would be possible on the first blind playthrough, no bullshit traps
Q:wings of vi can't be that bad... A: it's as hard as beating a lvl 10 cpu at chess while teaching high school math to a 6 years old
Q:how does it feel to get fucked by RNG so often? A: it's really not that bad after you get used to it, but you can't really feel your asshole for a couple of weeks
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abbiamo trovato il terzo dio italiano :beatmeat:
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Ma dude :jazzy:
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Ma boi
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*middle fingers intensefise* :steamsalty: :steamsad: :steamsalty:
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