Current cheater names to look out for -donlouis/Jed, Chillinit/Trucker Bob/Metallica, Baan, Interceptor, Claude Speed, Professional Bully, quizno, cat, Punisher 1, Kyle-Chan, the legend, Bob Katter

Please don't add me to trade, not interested.

6s medic, highlander soldier
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Kingdom Rush Frontiers
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Gigaburst 1 июл в 21:00 
pls remove me from ur cheater list <3
Re: Becca 30 июн в 18:31 
WHAT BUFF IS THIS AGAIN? the speedy go fast? the miniature hits? or the I die slightly slower?... nvm forgot to reload
v1QzKxC4 29 июн в 4:28 
doesn't spectate before kicking with no evidence of cheating <3
Baan 24 июн в 23:43 
+rep good at sniper
Brewtahl 26 апр в 19:39 
Jed 20 апр в 22:28 
I am the best legit sniper in TF2