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Hands down, this has to be the GREATEST tower defense game I have ever played.

What makes this tower defense stand out the most, is the amout of content in the game! The base game only have 12 stages, while the steam version provides you with more than double the stages!

Even after you completed the main campaign, there are mini-campaigns within the extra stages that offers more story content.

Setting the difficulty to Veteran supplies you with hours and hours of in-game time. Veteran difficulty can be punishing if you do not plan your defenses correctly. With that in mind, the towers themselves makes the game incredibly hard because they are exteremly specialized later in their upgrade tree.

Sure, I could be stuck on a level for a few mintues, hours, days or even months! Yet it always AMAZES ME when I come back to the game, I know I will have tons of fun re-learning what I may have forgot or trying something completely new!

It is a must have for its price!

Suming things up, the game offers:

-High Replay Vaule
-Gorgeous Full 1080p Visuals
-Tons of Content
-A Humorous Story
-And variety of Towers and Foes

See you on the battlefield! FOR THE KINGDOM!
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BlingTooth Mar 22, 2020 @ 6:07am 
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