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Once upon a time, a shitty little spaz named Justin, and his shitty little spaz friends, were in the midst of a Halloween expedition, when they happened upon a lovely couple with a basket of purple pantyhose. They inquired to each other as to why someone was giving away purple pantyhose on Halloween, but dismissed it as youthful tomfoolery. As for the spazzy little shit Justin, he graciously accepted a single pair of pantyhose, and immediately put them on over his costume, jokingly. He walked around all Halloween night without paying it mind, even though it made him look like a nincompoop simpleton ignoramus dullard imbecile. From that day forth, on the 31st of every October, Justin's friends refer to him as; the purple hoser.

The End

*The aforementioned lovely couple was later questioned by the police as to how they acquired so much pantyhose, and as to why they were giving them away to small children on Halloween. Needless to say, the pantyhose was confiscated.
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