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Sep 29 @ 4:52am
In topic cave "network"??
In geography and geodetics, a network is a coordinate system. The system references locations, which doesn't necessarily means a network of caves will be connected. Just that...they're cartographed.
Sep 24 @ 6:58am
In topic Petition: Remove the robots
Originally posted by B00tsy:
It's not wrong to discuss it, I see room for improvement.

Sep 24 @ 1:51am
In topic Petition: Remove the robots
prisoner, leave this area immediately
Happy birthday !
Sep 18 @ 4:51pm
In topic if you think about it
Rule of cool + suspension of disbelief

Sep 18 @ 4:48pm
In topic new game + choose your path
Originally posted by malaire:
No, you can't use NewGame+ as base for new NewGame+.

I can't believe they did this. First The Witcher 3 was like that (luckily a mod fixes it), then Deus Ex Mankind Divided...when will they learn ?
Originally posted by hanyuo:
Still waiting for you shitnuggets to patch your game.
Sep 15 @ 12:35am
In topic Pooped a gun magazine
It's the "prison pocket" from the DLC.
Sep 14 @ 11:56pm
In topic Salz
Hey. Looks like you accidentally posted in german.
Sep 14 @ 9:10am
In topic version Disque marche pas :(
Salut !

Redémarre Steam.
Sep 13 @ 2:34pm
In topic Just beat the game ask me anything.
Hi !

About the new game plus, can you give as many details as you can. How do the 3 paths work ?

Can you do subsequent playthroughts ? As in, a NG++ after you're done with NG+ ?
Sep 12 @ 8:24am
Originally posted by Wonderwe1ss:
please the next time [...] write down what you ate and how much you had to defecate

That's how you see how commited those guys are <3
Sep 9 @ 4:55am
In topic No Dedicated Servers Ever It seems.
Sep 2 @ 8:19am
In topic Edited: Bug Have a look at it.
lol your BCU monitor tells me you're trying hard to die in painful agony. The game works in that regard.
Sep 2 @ 8:17am
In topic So really..
This isn't a brazilian game, the devs are from croatia.

Sep 1 @ 5:06pm
In topic Day & night cycle
I read someone on the forum say it was four hours : two hours of day and two hours of night. I'm not sure however, every time I play SP the time resets and I've never seen the night time.
Aug 31 @ 6:38am
In topic No day/night cycle in single player ?
Originally posted by Papalotapuss:
I believe day cycles are 4 hours so you should get night time after that, although I haven't played SP so maybe it's different.

Thank you.
Aug 31 @ 6:22am
In topic No day/night cycle in single player ?
I've been playing the single player mode for several hours and the sun never set, any idea what's happening ?
Aug 30 @ 3:25pm
In topic SERVER PAYMENT?????
The g-portal site answers your question. You pay once before the minimum 30-day period. 0,80€ per slot, so minimum 16€ / 20 slots.
Aug 29 @ 12:45pm
In topic Quick access shortcut keys don't work
Hi team,
just wanted to report the following problem : the shortcuts "1,2,3,4,etc" don't seem to work for me. I am using an AZERTY keyboard if that's of any help.

If there is a better venue for reporting bugs, let me know and I'll close this and do my reports in the right place.
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