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Posted: Sep 22, 2015 @ 7:37pm

Early Access Review
Do you like Football Manager for deep management simulation, but wish there was a (much) simpler option? Do you like playing soccer games, like FIFA, but wish you could focus more on strategy rather than execution? If so, you'll probably enjoy this game. I love it! I wish it had more stat-tracking and history (e.g., career stats, hall of fame), but I think some of that will come in the future. As-is, it's a ton of fun, as long as you like your sports games heavier on strategy and light on graphics, action. When playing it, I feel like I'm playing a game of chess with my opponent. Moving players without the ball, luring defenders out of position, holding the ball and running out time. Except for the first league you start it, you won't win much by simply poundng the ball forward and shooting. You have to use trickery and deception to get your opponent to make a mistake and allow you a clear opportunity at goal. I recommend this game even in its early access form. I can't wait to see what the developers add in the future!
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