Victoria   Kyyiv, Ukraine

What you wanna find here?
:e1big: You can't surprise me - I've seen everything after 6 years of playing MvM.
:e1big: I have more than 2k "Two Cities" tours. My first reset. Dec,2014.
:e1big: I reset the badge every single tour.
:e1big: I got more than 70 australiums.
:e1big: I can carry any random trash bcs I used to play solo.
:e1big: I hate random retarded pyros and "F1" button is always for you if you are gas cancer.
:e1big: Each blocked person will be kicked on the last wave if we meet again. Be scared of playing alone next time, there are a lot of gas hunters and kicking crews.
:e1big: F4F4F4F4F4F4F4F4F4F4F4F4F4F4F4. Don't waste time.
:e1big: There are hightourers whom I don't like and they know it.
:e1big: There are mvmers whom I love and respect.

And 1 more thing - if you see us leaving-there are a few reasons:

:e1big: we asked something politely and there wasn't any reaction.
:e1big: relobby bcs of F2 lovers,you enjoy spending hours on one mission instead of being carried for 25-30min.
:e1big: its our last map and someone else is also finishing the tour (exept friends and ppl we know and like)
:e1big: idiots on pyros,meds,snipers and spies or totally clueless ppl with tours whom we met before and saw them ruining the game by:

- gas, airblasting, pushing giants
- rage, staying in the disp
- poping meds, rockets at pyros
- force-a-nature
- low dmg, idling
- crying kids with the only learned word "toxic"
- ppl who can't anolyze and the only argument they use is "you are tour 1"
- copying class, denying to change class
- pointless arguing, stupid questions, annoying teaching or trashy upgrades at all
- time reseters are also here

If you do something listed above - it deserves the last-wave-kick. Always. Remember.

Better don't move than make our game longer&harder with your idiotic actions.

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