(Robot) Chaos/Life
Akil Perez   South Bend, Indiana, United States
I LIKE WALKS IN THE PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but I am a nice dude. I like music and games it suits me for now. Although, if I could choose something 2 change in the entire world it would be wolrd hunger and make evryone rich and happy. 🔺🔺🔺Also Robots Are Life:steambored:PS If U Dont Like Robots Iwill Kill U With Cancer🔺🔺🔺

I also like to talk a lot so yea

and sometimes trade on tf2 :steamhappy:
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✪Slix Jun 9 @ 10:01pm 
For some reason I go pass by your profile a couple times, but I never decided to friend you. It's been months this has been happening.
Synhex Jun 7 @ 1:15pm 
Chaos is the big weeb
(Robot) Chaos/Life May 17 @ 7:48am 
why i get to friend two friend request?
(Robot) Chaos/Life May 13 @ 10:51pm 
i didnt scam anyone
dirty gril rem May 7 @ 1:22pm 
why dont try to scam someone else?
(Robot) Chaos/Life May 6 @ 9:39pm 
100% made sense and your right