Not POOTIS BUURD   Illinois, United States
Hello! Let this be lesson foar u. About ME!

I am someone who HELPs people with whatever they need HELP with. I can, but am not limited to:

*Getting stuff or people unstuck
*making sure tiny baby cowards get on point!
*killing STOO PID spies
*Killing tiny cowards
*crushing tiny metal babies that attack mann co.(especially in Machine Attacks and Mann Up)
*thwarting evil plots!
*dealing with DIC HEDS who troll the crap out of ppl.
*ensuring nothing is abused
*along with helping you not to touch my gun!

I have strong sense of justice, and am not holding back on stopping people from doing ♥♥♥♥ that I feel is BAD! If you do stuf that is BAD, ruun! ruuuuun! I'm coming foar u!

Also I do not accept friend requests unless you have played with me before. For trade requests, you need to chat with me in-game or message me before you do.

I am overall friendly guy, as long as you are friendly back! :D

I have been away for a while, but I’m back!(and trying to lay low). Lets just say I dug deep, deep enough that people would be “missing” for what they found out! 🥶

(DISCLAIMER: Pootis-MAN is by mistermeistroO(or MR. O_O) and I do not own this character, but this is a fan account dedicated to my most favorite TF2 Freak! Dont get me wrong, but this is also my main account! :3 )
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