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Welcome to Greensvale, a city full of mysteries and weirdness! Hidden under the normal looking surface you will quickly ask yourself a lot questions:

- Why is there a cow in the garden?
- How does it come that I see strange hints everywhere?
- Had this city always these portals?
- And why have not all people been evacuated 12 MINUTES before a fricking meteroid is hitting the town?

Ah right, the meteroid ..... so let's get to the point. You are playing Sean, a teenage boy escaping out of school to run home and help your parents with the evacuation. Only to find out they are already out of town. So now you are standing here: 12 minutes before the town will be annihilated, the only escape route out of town broken down. 12 minutes to find a way to survive or how to avoid the approaching doomsminute.

In its core, this is an exploration based puzzle game where deductiveness and logic is rewarded. The game is separated into loops of 12 minutes. Each loop you start anew without any items. To make things a bit smoother there are two game mechanics helping you:
- First, Sean remembers all his previous loops. As such he creates Thought Maps with hints for some of the endings which will persists between the runs.
- Second, as he remembers previous loops, the game asks you at the beginning of each loop if you want to trade some time in return for progress on the main ending.

Speaking about endings. There is a total of 14 endings. There are two main route endings and 12 side endings. Many of the endings can be accessed right from the beginning if you just know what you have to do. However, other endings are locked behind progress on the main route endings either in form of crucial puzzle information or needed items. Like this, about half of the endings are obtainable easily right from the beginning with the remaining ones being "unlocked"while progressing. So there is always new stuff to discover.

Like said before, exploration is rewarded and heavily necessary. Hints for different endings are hidden all across town. And while sometimes the Thought maps will tell you to which ending the items and hints belong there is also a fairly large list of information you have to combine yourself. While a lot of this is based on weird logic it is based on logic. I remember only one ending where I had the feeling of being lucky and not being rewarded for my deductive abilities. Usually, everything you need to solve the puzzle chains is in the game.

Be prepared, however, that none of the above questions will be answered. Also nearly none of the endings how this stuff ended up in Greensvale will be answered. The game does not waste time on explaining its mysteries (mainly because they are just weird and unexplainable ^^). Only one major plot point is covered by in-game explanations. And this is fine. Because this is not a story game but a fantastic and fun puzzle game.

I really liked the graphics of the game as they are simple enough but have their own aesthetics and also a lot of stuff can be seen if you just look correctly. Music is bit lackluster probably. Most of the time the same doomsday track is running in the background with some additional snips at the endings. It is nothing which bothered me though.

So come to Greensvale, the town of mysteries and weirdness. Stop the meteroid and have a nice day.
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