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A young man who loves gaming, animals, anime and prehistoric things. I am currently attempting to get into streaming on Twitch and doing videos on youtube. See Info Box for further details.
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About myself.
So just talk about myself, great because I “love” doing that.

About me:
.Born 27 May 1994.
.In December 2007 I was diagnosed as being on the Autistic Spectrum. Over a decade later on the 11th of January, I was officially diagnosed has having Multiple Sclerosis. Both of them have heavy negative effects on my life.
.I try to understand opinions and see both sides of the story.
.I am greatly into dinosaurs.
.I love animals.
.As my games list suggests I don’t have a particular favourite genre of game, I like what I like. Though I can definitely say I don’t enjoy the sports.
.The same applies to music, if I like the song; I like it, though I am inclined more to music like that done by Two Steps from Hell and other similar artists.
.I enjoy drawing but due to an increase of shaking hands, the amount of drawing I do has decreased as my artwork is affected by the shaking. I do have a deviantart page but it lacks content Deviantart []
.I am currently streaming on Twitch []
.I also have twitter, you can follow if you want, I don't exactly post alot so I at least won't be spamming your feed Twitter
.As mentioned in my summary I also have a youtube channel which can be found here Youtube
.My mood changes a lot, currently at a low in my life.

Let’s just say it’s better I don’t go into that list.

Messaging me
.I am a bit socially awkward, so I might not talk much unless I know you from another site or have had a few in game interactions.
.Due to circumstances I rarely have the computer off, for this reason if you message me don’t be surprised if I don’t reply or take a while to, I’m not ignoring you. I’m either away from the computer doing something else or heck even asleep.
.Please do not ask me to buy games for you; I will not do this for anyone.
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So after owning Undertale for over six months I think it’s time I explained why this game is a must for gamers.

First of all a bit of backstory, when I first discovered Undertale it was though the steam queue, in what I believe was September 2015. The second I saw it, I hit “Not interested” To put simply this review will be why I regret making that decision. Over the next 3 months I would hear how Undertale is an amazing game that is worthwhile, it was special, it was different. This caused me to be cynical about it, but never the less I was interested in the idea of not having to kill anyone. After getting a few recommendations from friends as well as youtubers I watched, I got the game on the 26 of December during the steam winter sale. Undertale would then join the list of games I wish I’d bought at full price.

You may notice a lot of reviews don’t exactly give a lot of details about the game, chances are you’re like me (or what I was) thinking just how much of this, “you need to know as little as possible to truly enjoy the game” is legit. I have to say this is accurate. You will on most accounts enjoy the game more.

The characters are funny and lovable; you will likely become invested in them despite how little time is spent with them. Even those “enemies” you get a sense of personality, and who they are. To do a comparison with other games, when you came across bandit archer number 3750961 and as you fought them did you get any sense of personality, of who they are and what they want to be. No of course not, but Undertale you get exactly that.

There is a lot of thought put into this game; simple things even have a meaning. Things you would never expect, but when you do think on them you get a real sense of how much effort was put in. The website TVtropes can give you an idea, but obviously I’d say do that after finishing the game. (or done all the playthroughs)

If you are a person that gets emotional then prepare for feels, this game does get emotional. The reason Undertale has reached such high marks for me is not only cause it’s one of the few games I wish I’d got at full price, it’s one of only 5 fives, that in my current 22 year life span has ever caused me to cry. Towards the end of my own first playthrough, characters I’d have fought over the course of the game revealed a backstory story that had been slowly made aware to me over the course of the game. It hit hard, I am getting emotional remembering the whole thing, it was just that powerful, the music at the time also helped.

Of course that depends how you play the game, you might get something completely different. The game has 3 endings which are known as Pacifist, Neutral and Genocide and are based on what you’ve done throughout the game.

The music is amazing and really suites the game, with its retro style. It also helps with certain battles as you play along to the rhythm.

As for the mechanics, I’m not entirely sure how I’d describe it but the closest I would say it comes to is bullet hell, with a mix of the impossible game for some battles. Each one is different and suites those you are battling. It’s one thing to say they are easy to learn but boy can it be hard to master them. In fact the mechanics are one of the few legitimate complaints I see people making about the game (they didn’t like it cause of the battle mechanics) so a bit of a warning there for people.

Hopefully my review has helped you make a decision on if to get this game, I definitely recommend it (duh). There is more I could say but that would be revealing possibly too much.

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Dust:Stone 🔶 Jun 17 @ 6:14pm 
Saw you liked dinosaurs, I like them to. Besides that have a good week :)
@byrd Dec 1, 2018 @ 9:09am 
This is the single most consistent person I've ever seen onlinne. He's had the exact same name and pfp for as long as I can remember, even before adding him on Steam. Nothin to it, just an interesting thought.
frogboyaidan2 Jun 13, 2018 @ 3:17pm 
frogboyaidan2 Jun 13, 2018 @ 3:17pm 
i like dinos and darming to
frogboyaidan2 Jun 13, 2018 @ 3:17pm 
i also have altuisum to you remind me of me
Virgile 🦖 Mar 8, 2018 @ 5:37pm 
You r a beautiful Spinosaurus