Toft   Skane Lan, Sweden
"Casual" gamer with a strong love for tf2. :balloonicorn:
Whatever that means..

The pyro is my favourite class. In fact, it's about the only class I play these days.
If you consider yourself a decent player, you're more than welcome to add me and team up with me. It's always nice to have some company! :demoticon:

I also play a lot of MvM, mainly Two Cities. When it comes to MvM, my patience is pretty much non-existant. If you want to play with me I expect you to know your ♥♥♥♥.


Other games that gets love on occasion:

Borderlands 2 :bandit:
Saint's Row 3 & 4 :pandastunned: :sr4paul:
Skyrim :markarth:
Trine 1 & 2 :butterfly:
Portal 1 & 2 :p2blue:
Bioshock Infinite :possession:
Left 4 Dead 2 :witch:
Half-Life 1 & 2 :gordon:

+ many others.
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