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Cards must be from :
Acceleration of Suguri X-Edition (2 cards max)
Dark Echo (2 cards max)
Dear RED - Extended (2 cards max)
Nicole (otome version) (2 cards max)
Oxenfree (2 cards max)
Suguri (2 cards max)
Transistor (2 cards max)
Stranded (3 cards max)
Voodoo Garden (3 cards max)
Back to Bed (3 cards max)
DanceWall Remix (3 cards max)
Transformice (7 cards max)

Or trade it for one of the following games:
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List last updated on : 01/04/2018 dd/mm/yyyy

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on the offer you're interested in or right here on my profile. Thank you!

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Vapor Dosh Apr 12 @ 6:07am 
:cauliflower: :sgsmile: Please remember to give this to Unna if he throws away the second cauliflower.
Trades get autoaccepted, but I read em' nonetheless! 👍
Draco Apr 4 @ 2:41pm 
Reforced Apr 1 @ 1:15pm 
*eats the fish*

Thanks for the surprise message MaitreVaati and/or ᵏᵉʳᵒ ^^
Cuki 420 Mar 19 @ 4:23pm 
How come you don't own your very own game :
Unnatural Mar 18 @ 8:19pm 
is :iffy: proud of :CyberdimensionIF: weebu?