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Posted: Dec 7, 2017 @ 9:19am
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Early Access Review
This review is based on many hundred hours of offline game-play and watching the development of PN for a year of intensive playing during all patch-levels by two different players.

Currently the developers of PN are fighting against some EA problems not uncommon with survival games at that stage of development. I will not cite those problems - you can read about them in the forum.

But despite that the unique main concept of PN as a brain engaging, creative, diversified non-combative survival game is currently unequalled by any other game in this genre.
The detailed graphics, ambience view and sound effect are at the highest desired level - watch out for screen-shots here at Steam.
The animal behaviour is the most diversified you will find in any game of this genre.
The building options are currently not relaying on blue-prints but on the players own cleverness in combining blocks and make his constructions work and they allow a liberty of creations in a dimension unequaled by any other survival game - again watch out for screen-shots or visit the workshop section of the forum.

So even in an unfinished state with not all problems yet solved the game can be unrestrictedly recommended to every real survivalist who is not a mere left-mouse-tabber but able of logic combinatory thinking.
Thus it deserves all the support it can get to develop further into that direction!

If you are unsure of its future and do not want to spend money or accept some draw-backs playing in EA while the game is not yet perfect you should keep it definitely on your watch-out list - the developers have published a long roadmap for changes and enhancements in 2018.

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