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This review covers the starting phase of the game played in survival mode as it presents itself to a newcomer who is experienced with survival games but does not yet know this one and has not read and watched any tutorial beforehand. So I am talking about the "jump in - find out yourself" survival mode. Playing offline thus "time in game" not shown correctly.

Graphics and sounds impress as very well done and fitting.
Overall performance is good at this early stage of gameplay but I noticed a lag in view building when I dived under 100m for the first time - will this get more as the game advances?

First step - find out what you can do and build and what you will need for it. But: the game will not pause while you are in the PDA. Though that might be RL realisms it puts the player under time pressure, as the PDA is not organized to allow a quick check in - too much changing tabs and scrolling.

While you are trying to acquire the materials to build the necessary tools and equipments to secure survival and advance with the game as a newcomer who has to find and check out everything you soon get the feeling of very repetitive clicking monotony. Though this game stage might be managed in 30 to 40 playing minutes as is mentioned in threads by advanced players it will take aa considerable longer of very repetitive micromanagement for one not yet familiar.
When checking on tutorials you will find out where this difference in player advancement stems from: The games main layout concerning biomes and wreck locations is not random generated but constant, only the details change. So the more often you play (or alernatively dowload a map of the layout and locations) the easier everything at this stage is achieved and passed through.
Also you will find out there is a certain sequence to do things best at the start, and this will never vary whenever you start a new game.
Both points of course can be applied to many survival games that the entrance phase will always have similarities due to the limited number of possibilities at the start. But with Subnautica and its fixed outlay a serious feature of survival games is missing - they should at least surpsise you with the direction you have to go when you start anew to make them replayable at least a second time!

Back to repetitivity and clicking at this game stage when later niceties are not yet available:
Every day you have to catch a certain number of fish - an unsophisticated act as this is done by hand involving only swimming and left clicking.
You search and left-click a lot of pebbles to find out whether they contain what you need.
You search and left-click a lot of wrecks to find out whether they contain what you need.
While you are doing this you are repeatedly attacked by animals - always the same manner though species differ in optics - spot you and attack without reason. Though you might develop strategies to cope with them these attacks cannot be completely avoided, you have no chance but to flee, and this all also happens with repetitive monotony.

Building does not brake this monotony as it is not of any challenge but instead relying only on adding up a rising number of premade blue-prints and agan involves a lot of meaningless LM clicks.

SUMMARY of Subnautica´s early stage game-play:
Looking behind the impressive graphics the game presents itself as hybrid between old-styled point-and-click adventure (extensive story-line with continuous small quests, fixed layout, moving around and clicking on items) - but lacking the sophisticated puzzles of an adventure - and a three-dimensioned jump and run game with some Sims4-like features in its building mode. It definitely is not a refined survival game.
It is not a bad game, it may get more interesting in the advanced stages - but as far as I have checked the main routine stays the same.

As I do think the current hype is not justified to that extent ("survival game of 2018") and perhaps the result of massive lobbying I will not bloat with the sheep but give the game a definite downrating which I would not do otherwise as overall performance is satisfying if you like the concept.
Posted May 23. Last edited May 28.
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Early Access Review
The worst blunder I ever made buying this game!

Played the game offline so proper count of hours not shown in the stats - but in fact it needed only one afternoon to find out about all the places where this game lacks

Having myself informed before buying by watching video presentations (as I always do) it seemed a promising game - but actual game play was the ultimate disappointment.

Build mode as well as view options are not well concepted - it needed 1/2 hour and a lot of patience to properly place one single roof tile due to lacks in both features!

And why build a roof or even a house if there is no weather or any other condition to head? Inventory like bed or tables are not usable and decoration does not have any effect on the character.

Character needs are badly tuned and not at all realistic - the most crudest system I ever encountered.

The same holds true for machines: No proper tuning, no realistic crafting processes, lacking animations.

The landscape looks nice at a distance, but it becomes soon obvious that this is done crudely too, with no variation and no love for detail - unrealistic again.

I have tried to keep this review as short as possible by just mentionig the main topics where it lacks - which are nearly all there are - but I could cite endless examples of bad and/or unrealistic tuning.

The game is constantly updated with tiny "patches" but never to the better as those main basic problems mentioned above do not seem to be cared for by the developers.

I made the big mistake to give the developers a chance and kept the game resting without playing while waiting for any sensible changes to occur - final result: When these did not come I could not even get a refund anymore. In fact I should have got compensation for personal suffering in ever trying to play it!

This review is serious and no spite: I never before wrote a bad review on any game and I am satisfied with all other games I bought here at Steam. But this one is so much crap I just have to warn anyone being attracted to it by some nice presentations like I was that Medieval Engineers does not keep up to any expectations of proper design and performance a game of its genre should have.
Posted March 20. Last edited March 20.
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Early Access Review
Playing Single Offline, so many hours not shown in my statistics

Of course EA means you have to accept there still mightbe crashes but the devs are working continuously on fixes and are listening and responding fast to reports
The overall performance is already running very smooth especially when considering it is still EA. Therefore it is absolutely worth its price !

Graphics are excellent.

Physics are very well and realistic concepted and offering endless options for driving, hovering and flying designs.

Building and block handling is easy, well thought and works fine with all smaller designs. Only with big designs it may sometimes get tricky, but until you arrive at that point aquired experience will help you to manage without problems.

To get over some challenges you will need some brains. You need imagination and sometimes persistance when concepting new vehicles to manage certain tasks - so do not think anything will be easy to achieve.
BUT: If you are just not in the mood to be creative you can get a lot of fun just out of going any speed you like, crash your verhicle as often as you want (or when just failing with a design) and do a lot of stunt actions when playing the excursion as well as in sandbox mode. Nothing crashed remains crashed ;-) and with this game crashing is fun !
And the excursion is guiding you well through the different stages of vehicle development to get an understanding how the physics work and can be enhanced for the next stage.

Although I am single player I can imagine a lot of additional fun to be got out of hunting races and collaborate actions in MP.

An excellently concepted game offering a huge lot of fun for adventurous as well as imaginative and creative players! Should be on your top list if you belong to this group and should receive every support it needs to get it to the tops of its category!
Posted February 14. Last edited February 14.
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Early Access Review
This review is based on many hundred hours of offline game-play and watching the development of PN for a year of intensive playing during all patch-levels by two different players.

Currently the developers of PN are fighting against some EA problems not uncommon with survival games at that stage of development. I will not cite those problems - you can read about them in the forum.

But despite that the unique main concept of PN as a brain engaging, creative, diversified non-combative survival game is currently unequalled by any other game in this genre.
The detailed graphics, ambience view and sound effect are at the highest desired level - watch out for screen-shots here at Steam.
The animal behaviour is the most diversified you will find in any game of this genre.
The building options are currently not relaying on blue-prints but on the players own cleverness in combining blocks and make his constructions work and they allow a liberty of creations in a dimension unequaled by any other survival game - again watch out for screen-shots or visit the workshop section of the forum.

So even in an unfinished state with not all problems yet solved the game can be unrestrictedly recommended to every real survivalist who is not a mere left-mouse-tabber but able of logic combinatory thinking.
Thus it deserves all the support it can get to develop further into that direction!

If you are unsure of its future and do not want to spend money or accept some draw-backs playing in EA while the game is not yet perfect you should keep it definitely on your watch-out list - the developers have published a long roadmap for changes and enhancements in 2018.

Sticky: This trailer may contain spoilers
Posted December 7, 2017. Last edited May 28.
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The best game in its genre we have been playing since it emerged!
Precise programming, good support from the developers (the last free addon is simply marvelous), interesting missions leading and preparing the player perfectly to the next level, perfect weighting of colony development (production and use of resources, energy, inhabitants), beautiful graphics.
Highly recommended!
Posted December 7, 2017. Last edited December 7, 2017.
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