I have said it before, I will say it again, and again. Downvote me all you want PR EA accounts and enablers:
Fuck lootboxes, fuck microtransactions, fuck pay2win, fuck incomplete excuses for AAA games, fuck EA, fuck lootboxes creeping into every single player experience, fuck shark cards, fuck Take2, fuck the grindfests, fuck Blizzard for normalizing loot crates with Overwatch, fuck this trend of splitting a complete game into initial game + 50 dlcs + eternal grind to fatten the shareholders pockets as they sit on their yachts laughing about the mindless open wallet slot machine that the average gamer is.
Now that thats out of the way: Fuck the enables. No. Seriously. You people who in every new iteration of cashgrabs fill the reddit and other forums threads with "but this time it'll be different! They promised!", "shut up, I dont want to hear about it, just pay or stfu", "this aint so bad", "microtransactions, lootboxes are okay as long as they promise to keep them cosmetic". FUCK HAVING THE MEMORY OF A GOLDFISH. Fuck you enablers. Why fuck you? Because you are literally working together with these scumbag corporations that could care fuckall about us consumers by lowering the quality of every new game that is coming out. Yes, fucking believe me, the bar is being lowered for what these days is acceptable as a AAA release. If you would go back in time 10 years, explain to someone the actual piece of shit excuse for a AAA title that we are getting these days, THE PEOPLE WOULD LAUGH AND NOT BELIEVE YOU. THATS HOW BAD IT IS.
As long as people continue to defend and buy this garbage we have ended up now having as AAA titles, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. SO STOP FUCKING DEFENDING IT BECAUSE YOU ARE PLAYING INTO THE HANDS OF THE DISGUSTING CORPORATIONS BY LOWERING THE BAR OF QUALITY WHILE RAISING THE BAR ON JUST HOW MUCH WE ACCEPT BEING FUCKED IN THE ASS. THE MORE WE ACCEPT THE WORSE THE NEXT ITERATION WILL BE. THEY ARE JUST TESTING HOW MUCH WE CAN TAKE WHILE STILL STAYING AND PAYING. Sorry but totally fuck this. FUCK GAMERS because you all arent stand up consumers, everyone in every other business and industry is laughing at JUST HOW BAD YOU ARE AT EXCERCISING YOUR CONSUMER RIGHTS, fuck defending to be fucked in the ass just because you are sick of hearing about it. Fuck being a consumer and not standing up for your consumer rights. Fuck accepting that they lowered the bar of AAA games so much, that we now sit here 10 years later wondering how much the games will SUCK prerelease instead of wondering how much they will ROCK, like we are supposed to.
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