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For The People

Become the Faction Leader.

Battle Master

Win 50 battles.


Win 50 PvP battles.


Win 50 Coop battles.

Massed Firepower

Deploy 20 units or more in a battle.


Be #1 battle hero 10 times.

Tactical Support

Use 10 Command Powers in a single game.

Infantry Combat

Win a battle using only infantry.

The Force

Add 30 units to your army.

Banker Legacy

Have 75,000 gold in storage.


Broker peace three times.

Blitzkrieg Ace

Win five Blitz battles in a row.

God Among Men

Reach the top 10% and become a High Commander.

Battlegroup Ace

Be part of a battlegroup with 100,000 score.


Own five mounted units.

Peace on Earth

Win 100 territory battles on Christmas / Boxing Day

Battle Royale Participant 2015

Given to players that participated in the 2015 Battle Royale Tournament.

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