Do not let your emotions cloud your judgement.

Humans will never know true peace for we've become selfish.

I keep quiet because Idk how to speak properly without my sentence being scattered.(Literally can't make sense)

Reliance on things or people without reliance on yourself will doom you for when you start to have nothing left.

Go beyond the boundaries of reality for creativity has no limit.

Not everybody is good at everything, but everybody is good at something.

Never restrict one's ideas as it will make that idea stronger, but instead give them a second idea and let them choose whether they'll abandon their own in favor of the new one or let them continue to believe their first one.

The brain always wants freedom and when you restrict that freedom the brain will rebel.

A toaster runs faster than this piece of shit of a computer

Blessings upon thee who praiseth the sun (and the moon)

A focused mind is one of the strongest weapons to have.

If a human can't find a purpose in their life, they'll begin to doubt themself.
“The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.”

There are two things humans fear, death and embarrassment.
"Good artists copy, Great artists steal."
Weapons are a tool for a killer's hands
Don't think, feel.
True madness is watching melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya's endless eight episodes.
Sweet love
Be rational

Good and evil are social constructs said to label those that support or go against one's ideals or morals. There is no natural good or evil.

I cut myself to show how edgy I am

Survival of the fittest is no longer relevant to this generation and the next. Instead its now survival of the intelligent, since knowledge is easier to grasp and influence people much more quickly than generations of the past.

"Embrace the darkness to restore the light"
Midnight Delight
Age: 18
Repent Motherfucker!!!
Life is limited, so use it wisely
Finding yourself is important; finding the problem within yourself is the true goal.
Every year is a new beginning
You can achieve victory by failing
"Rocket Man! Burning up his fuse up here alone"
"A glare is more effective than violence"
Don't underestimate your enemies and don't underestimate your allies
"In grave difficulties and with little hope, the boldest measures are the safest." -Titus Livy
Death's Lullaby
Blood on the dance floor!
Favorite Genres of music: Rap/Hip Hop, Rock, Jazz, Jazz & Hip Hop, Metal, Pop, Rock & Electronica, Trip hop

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