No information given. Lol.

idk y ppl visit this page tbh but ok.
Here's Some Info:

Your Typical Asian Weeb:

I like dragon lolis and just about any lolis tbh(I play
Tide-Pods are hot.
So are Bears. Thicc Bois.
My friend introduced me to Shadbase. We are still good friends.
I read Nate the Snake daily to stop my brain cells from rotting so they can concentrate on being depressed.

If I were to describe myself, I would be one of those side characters that die in episode 1. I also finally started taking my schizophrenia medications, and now all my friends are gone.

If I don't know you, I most likely wouldn't accept your friend request (Not a good pal for conversations o(>///<;)O!). When I say "I don't know you", I mean that you are not a friend of a friend and that I don't recognize your name :/ sayonara.

(。・`ω′ ・。)?"

Nothing to see down here. Srsly.

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