This Fucking Juggernaut!
Elton   Orange, California, United States
Hello! This is Kegaman, Kega, Keg or whatever you want to call me for my name.
:medicon: TF2 Player :medicon:
I main Heavy :happy_creep:
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--Things will be added soon-- :p2wheatley:
Het May 12 @ 3:54pm 
glad you're doin' well Kega! It's been a while since I was on tf2c and I wanted to say hey!
This Fucking Juggernaut! May 10 @ 5:56am 
Yes :)
EU GIMMICKS May 10 @ 4:14am 
r u the real kega? :^)
FirePOW May 6 @ 2:54pm 
I love you Kega
「 Y I F F 」Snag ~ ❤ May 2 @ 6:33am 
+rep great tf2 player always fun to have in lobbies. Gives good advice :)
benis Apr 22 @ 8:49pm 
dang, i really want you to come to rgb