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Aug 16 @ 5:38pm
In topic A couple questions and speculations.
Jesus that's a necro and a half. I forgot this existed!
Jun 9 @ 11:02am
In topic The New 'Train' Update Speculations
Personally I'm really hoping that we can get a taste of the campaign soon. Maybe just the starting mission or perhaps a prequel mission to give us not just an idea as to how the game will grow and progress, but also to showcase new mechanics that will be in the campaign. Perhaps during the campaign we're forced to fall back a bit and defend a previous base to ensure that our supply lines going forward stay functional. Either way, dying to get my hands on that campaign
Apr 3 @ 4:36am
In topic Gamepad
Personally I will never understand how you can play certain rts with a gamepad. Don't get me wrong, to each their own, but for me I can't stand the thought of trying to use a controller, especially with quick selection being required. I've yet to see it properly work, and I've played games like AVP extinction, C&C on the ps1 (it was painful) and even end war XD
Some of it sounds interesting, some of it wouldn't work, or just wouldn't fit.

1) Co-op in this game could be do-able, and would be absolutely fun, I can agree with you there. However 4 player co-op? I've never seen ANY game do that (do point me to it if so) for this genre. Having four players manage a single colony sounds less like a fun time, and more like the best way to lose a lot of friends very quickly. Two players is managable, three at a pinch and if you're desperate, but four feels cluttered, and honestly there isn't enough to manage around the colony to actually warrent four players. I will point out that I'm talking about survival. If there were a co-op campaign, two players would be more than enough, since I have yet to see a four player co-op campaign, or hell even a three player co-op campaign.

2) Adding hero units could be quite intriguing, with certain heroes having bonus effects, similar to mayors. A lucifer hero with buffed health and blue flames instead of normal fire could be fun, as could a unique ranger hero, or even a rugged soldier hero with unique skin, weapon and even skills. If this is tied into the co-op aspect, yes you could have one hero per player, but four heroes in this game feels too strong, especially if a lot of effort goes into tweaking balance. Higher backer tiers meaning a better skin wouldn't work, Especially now. The backers have already been decided, and adding another reward to backers when you can't acquire a higher tier anymore isn't fair, it's♥♥♥♥♥♥

3) Unique bosses sounds fun. It could even be tied into the campaign, with special infected being considered as boss types. I mean we already know of a giant infected that no one has actually seen in game yet, so boss infected certainly aren't out the window. They would have to be somewhat balanced, and if variety were to be applied, each boss type would have to appear at seperate times.

4) I haven't got much to say on this, it isn't even an idea, just the next step from ???

As a whole, it's good ideas, but I think I want the creators to actually give us the campaign FIRST, before adding in anything like multiplayer, or co-op or anything. Co-op can work in this setting, but I cannot see four players managing one colony before getting bored. I mean if one player can manage a colony well, two could do it perfectly fine. four would just be a mess of arguements and pointlessness. As for any kind of sequel, let's actually get this game finished before asking for a sequel :P I want my good product before I want seconds.
Nov 23, 2017 @ 4:51am
In topic Now you can only play the game If you pay $250
Originally posted by Salohcin:
Originally posted by Shadownamesto:
I read through this and this is hilariously stupid.
If by "this" you are referring to the whole thread being "hilariously stupid" you should probably take a step back and ask why.

People voiceing their opinions in this thread is just another form of feedback to help the devs know what we want. The people who where not able to optain a copy of the beta want to get in on the action. Nothing wrong with that. There is also nothing wrong with the devs NOT releaseing more keys.

However, trying to shut down the members of the community that were not lucky enough to get their hands on a beta key is just mean spirited. You already own the game. If you think TAB would benfit from NOT releasing EA for survival then tell us how you have been turned off to TAB because of your early play time. I would bet you havn't been turned off to it in the least but are excited to see more!

Admittedly I should've clarified a couple things, my apologies.

Honestly a lot of the thread is stupid, but the one who created the thread in the first place I consider hilariously stupid. Now I'm not saying they're stupid as a person, but they sound stupid. reason why? They haven't looked up anything, or done any research. Like most people I see with stupid threads, it's either unresearched faff taken as reality, or one seriously twisted piece of information, and with this one, it's unresearched faff.

As for the people stating opinions, just like everything that I've written, it's all based on the person. Though while I'm not saying you're doing this, it's quite hilarious when people argue against opinions.
Nov 20, 2017 @ 11:44am
In topic A year in the future.
Personally I'm quite excited to see where they go, because at the current moment it takes a couple games to see everything the game has (mechanic wise, not map wise)
I'm hoping they quickly release campaign because as it stands, while survival is fun the endgame strategies for it are lacking, with either mass executors, mass titans or a mixture of both. The number of units and buildings as well are quite lacking, with no upgrades for wood income, oil income, no traps that can be laid except spikes and blade traps, only two towers and an economy that will be constantly rebalanced as time goes on. I just hope that they get all the sorted, then add it to the campaign before adding it to survival, so that we can't make game plans on specific builds.
Nov 20, 2017 @ 11:40am
In topic Now you can only play the game If you pay $250
I read through this and this is hilariously stupid. Really? Jesus christ. Open your eyes and actually take a look at what they've been saying. They didn't expect that many beta players, so the higher priced keys means they won't get swamped. Yes, not removing the keys entirely and just upping the effective price is stupid, and it smells a bit fishy considering the amount of money needed to now buy the game. However, because people have been ♥♥♥♥♥ing they're now going to be going early access with only survival mode, which in the long run could lead to less popularity.
Nov 6, 2017 @ 6:09pm
In topic Upgrades For Units
I will point out Magnum2016 is saying that other than lucifer and titan, the Soldier, Ranger and Sniper are effectively useless after the Executioner is acquired, and I'd have to agree.

As long as you acquire the Executioner and position at least one at a double layered stone wall, you can easily survive up to day 50 without needing much more. It's sad that the core units with interesting designs fall out of use quickly, especially the ranger. They're good early game but late game it's all focused on mass titans. Even lucifers are barely used once you acquire titans.
Nov 4, 2017 @ 3:10pm
In topic Improvement pls!
Currently it's beta, so instead of asking for improvements already, point out bugs if you've noticed any! Currently the developers are focusing on game breaking bugs and crashes before they do anything with improvements. If you have suggestions then write it as suggestions, instead of sounding like a needy child and 'wanting' this and that. "I want don't get"
Sep 1, 2017 @ 3:22pm
I think your AOF games are really well done. The engine is a bit awkward to mess with, and understanding which engine to use is difficult for a casual, but it's solid. It's also refreshing seeing a level of advancement through games, from AOF 1 being an upgrade haul, to AOF 2 being a bit more specialised with larger quantities of upgrades. One thing I think would be a valuable addition to all of your games is a kind of description on which race does what. For example, the undead don't focus too much on quality units, so upgrading them with enhanced weapons and armor might not be a valuable use of your money or experience, while the soldiers are focused on quality rather than quantity. Undead can throw their units away, soldiers can heal theirs. You could also throw that into other factions. Demons are harder hitting with fire spells while orcs are a smidge more tactical with poisonous spells, hardy units.
Aug 5, 2017 @ 6:53am
In topic A couple questions and speculations.
I like the way you think. Quality over speed. Thank god :D
Aug 4, 2017 @ 11:27am
In topic A couple questions and speculations.
I'm really looking forward to this game. It looks really good, the mechanics sound brilliant and the campaign sounds interesting, but I am curious about a couple aspects.

First: The main point of the campaign is creating well defended colonies and connecting them with an ever expanding railnetwork. But how do we get there? Do we build up tracks to our location and then send in the settlers, or are we escorted to the site first and then create the rail station?

Second: Are we following a hero, or main character? It would be rather interesting to see a main character in such a setting, especially with what their motivations could be. Yet at the same time if it isn't implemented well the main character could very well bring down the whole storyline, with cheesy writing and cliche personality. I know it says we're one of the sub commanders beneath General Quintus Crane, but that doesn't say whether we'll be our own character.

Third: How in depth will an editor be? Will you release an editor? Depending on how good it is I can already see myself creating a thriving town with pleasant decorations to make it feel really lived in. Upon further thought, would the editor be a live editor? Where you can put down say 5 zombies and a single soldier, and then control the soldier without exiting the editor? That would make creating custom maps, scenarios and other such things easier and fun in my opinion.

Finally: When is the game releasing? I know it's releasing sometime in fall, But do you have a guaranteed date to release by? Will it be early fall, late fall, or is it just when you've polished it to a standard you think is worthy of release? How much content will be in the final game?
May 5, 2017 @ 7:11am
In topic Multiplayer, please
How exactly would multiplayer even work for rimworld? Living on the same map? Me and my friends think that'd be cool, but the map would run out of resources far quicker, not to mention to balance it out, increased raiders and sieges would occur.
Ok, so what about different colonies, and you just send resources to eachother? There's already a mod for that, so that's out the window.
How about different colonies and you can send trade caravans? I doubt that'd work either, since you could nuke your allies base by having a single colonist wall himself inside several layers of mountain with a small food source, and just let raiders or other events lay waste to your ally. So no fun there.
All in all, I think multiplayer for rimworld works best with the mod that's already available (phy mod, or however it's spelled, someone'll correct me) You can interact with them, and trade with them, but at the same time they can't screw you over, nor you them.
Just my opinion.
Apr 27, 2017 @ 2:44am
In topic Is someone working on a mod for starcraft?
Consider this scenario.
Your colony is thriving, trade is going well and your foes fear your vicious defenses. All is fine. Then the zerg appear just off the planet, and start taking it over for themselves. First it's just zerglings and other small creatures, then roaches, hydras and eventually fearsome ultralisks, infested civilians from local overrun towns. You might even chance across a protoss faction that turns up, and could either work with them, or scorn them and fight against elite zealots and their highly advanced technology.

If no one is working on such a mod like this, have I enticed you into making one? :P
Jan 2, 2016 @ 3:59pm
In topic Unable to create private room/access tavern
Alright, it's fixed! Thanks you HeavyStorm!
Jan 1, 2016 @ 12:56pm
In topic Unable to create private room/access tavern
So I played this game back when it was released, and loved every second of it. Now years later, DD2 is coming out, and I'm not too impressed with it. I fancy playing some original DD. But upon loading the game and attempting to create my own private room, it says it's creating and then fails. Not only that, but when I verified the cache, there are two files missing. Yet steam refuses to install them, even when I've uninstalled then reinstalled it. Anyone else getting this, and if at all possible, can you help?
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