Blasphemo, The Mighty Wozard
Timmy Timmyington

Ok, because people keep ignoring this (even have the same thing on their profile), DO NOT ADD ME UNLESS I KNOW WHY! Thanks. Also, ANY offers on my unusual (no matter how good they are) will be ignored. Sorry.
First off, two things.
2. My unusual, as well as all of my other items in my item showcase are not currently for sale, and most never will be. And ask about other things, instead of just sending an offer.
1. Do not add me unless I know why you did. If I am in a game with you at the time of the invite, and see enough reason to add you, I will accept it. Otherwise, post a comment explaining why you want to add me. 'Trading' is not enough. Be specific.

--------------------------------------General Info-------------------------------------------

I am a medic main in TF2, and if you are looking for a long term pocket medic, I am willing to fill that role, for a small price.
If you are interested, friend me on steam, and send me a trade offer for any hat (multiple is fine too!), medic or otherwise. Then, when we are both on at the same time, you can just ask me to join you, and we can win some games together!
Otherwise, I am generally open for just messing around in the game!
Thanks for reading this,
[WOZ.TF] Rather Shitty Wozard.

Oh, and I am a Homestuck. My Chumhandle is TimelostParadox. If you know what I mean by that, feel free to chat with me using it.
Currently Online
Please read before adding or trading me.
A few things before we get into the info about me.
1. My unusual, as well as most other things in my item showcase, is not for sale. Sorry.
2. Please, before you attempt to add me, tell me why. And be specific, 'trading' is not enough.
3. A good rule of thumb for things in my inventory being for sale is as follows:
:os_pancakes: Is it expensive? If Yes, probably not for sale. I buy things so I can use them.
:os_pancakes: Do I actually point out if that item is for sale or not? If I specifically say it is not for sale, it is not for sale. The offer is not a factor.

I am not a trader. If you attempt to add me, and I see a lack of reason to add you, I will ignore it.

--------------------------------------General Info-------------------------------------------

I am a medic main in TF2. But I like to think I am pretty good at other classes.
I like the color blue.
I like the Webcomic Homestuck, but I will not rant about it to random people. I might to other homestucks.
Speaking of other Homestucks, I add them whenever I find them. So, if you got a random friend request from me, that is probably what it is.
I am not a trader. I just get the item I want, and use it. If I have an expensive item, it is because I like it.
My 'True sign' (from is Virus, Sign of the Adaptable. (Jade, Prospit, Breath). I think it fits.
I do not like sleeping. It bores me. But I have to sleep anyways.
I like long, in depth, conversations.
My Chumhandle is TimelostParadox, but I am still working on getting Pesterchum on this computer.

To be honest, most of that general info was probably either really confusing, or completely useless to most of you. Maybe someone will find it useful. We shall see.

Users who found it useful: 1! (Will update when someone tells me it was useful)
Ace #Scammed. 23 hours ago 
S7LAWs is a scammer.
♠Asphyxia♠ Mar 24 @ 2:01pm 
Sees homestuck

Girl and Her Dog Mar 14 @ 2:39pm 
No worries! Also your profile IS useful! :xefros:
Manic Feb 5 @ 9:50pm 
Thanks for the compliment! I'd love to play with you sometime.
An_Irish_Spy ( Jan 14 @ 9:59am 
DONT trade with the The Fat Stormtrooper below. Hes a inpersonator.