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I cannot stress this enough. BUY THIS GAME! I recommend it whole heartedly!

This is it, the official successor to the Wonder Boy franchise that most people have been waiting for if they ever had any form of knowledge about the series and a great entry for someone who's not so experienced with the series as a whole. Everything from the art style, the story, the music and the gameplay have been made with the upmost care to make it truly fitting as something deserving of being amongst the series. They even made this game friendly to those not used to metroidvania games because they add a helpful little Loot Master and rainbow drops so that should you be struggling to find those last bits of treasure, for a single drop they will reveal a missing item on the map with a handy little ? symbol, but they'll only do it for areas you've been to.

Admittedly, there is ONE fault that I can say with this game for all the praise I want to say in the review and that's to do with money grinding. Some of the later game equipment items cost a LOT of gold and enemies don't drop a awful lot of it (Even though there is a accessory that has the added bonus of doubling any coinage you would obtain, it's still a pretty big grind).

The game's difficulty is balanced rather well with early game being quite forgiving and easy to play while by late game, you'd best get your game face on because it's going to bring the HURT. Thankfully, healing in this game is something the game developers are merciful with as dying resets you to the last auto-save most times which puts you back to how you was when that happens (including if you had a healing medicine or not) and getting healed costs 20 gold (and buying a medicine is 40). They even have status curing potions at 10 gold though most status effects you will tend to shrug off (except poison) so I found them not so necessary.

The many nods to the Wonder Boy series that inspired the series both in the story and in the little easter eggs that lay dotted about the game show the love that they put into the work and that they aren't afraid to pay homage to what inspired them. It's that level of dedication and heart-felt compassion that shows they know how to make what they love a reality.

Overall, the experience brought back a joy that I've yearned for since the re-release of Wonderboy: Dragon's Trap (which if you enjoy this, I suggest getting and playing along with the rest of the series) and I personally would hope they have plans to make sequels to this game or to continue the franchise. They clearly know what they're doing and I can only wait with the biggest smile across my face and abundant glee to see if more is to come.

Long live Wonder Boy! Long live Monster Boy!

PS: ... Sequel? YES PLEASE!
Upplagd 26 juli, 2019.
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This game is a improved version of the original skyrim complere with all the DLCs and it works a lot better than the original game. Graphics and sounds have both been improved from the original making for a much prettier skyrim to look at. The main selling point of this version of skyrim for me at least is that it is more stable when it comes to modding due to having a much higher memory limit than the original skyrim.

This isn't to say that it's perfect... it still requires the unofficial patches to be able to fix the many issues Bethesda haven't fixed since the initial skyrim's release and if you want to do modding, SKSE and SkyUI are a crucial thing to have... but, for anyone who is looking to have a more stable for modding version of the game that looks nicer and sounds better, you should check this version out.

Just... be aware that unlike the legendary edition, there aren't as many mods available and there is no steam workshop for the special edition.
Upplagd 29 juni, 2019.
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The reviews spamming about crashes while valid for some systems doesn't mean the game isn't unplayable. I have managed to play well into the second chapter without any form of a crash or even the inkling of one (although opening the map does cause glitching in the bottom black bar of the screen as they set it up for you in full screen). This game is actually really fun and I highly, HIGHLY recommend playing it because of the story and the gameplay elements that get introduced. There is never a dull moment in the adventure or a case where you feel you don't know where you are going... more so, it's a game where you validly explore every nook and cranny and get rewarded for doing so!

I don't want to spoil the contents of the game, but I'll say that so far, the graphics (minus the map issue) and the music have been really solid. Admittedly this isn't flawless, using the grip gloves to climb vines can be problematic if you're trying to go in a hurry... but for the most part, I'm really enjoying this game.

Also, as a fair warning to those who are going to be new to this game... GATHER. LITERALLY. EVERYTHING. You will need it, trust me.

Fair warning though: The game's controls will always assume you are using a PS4 controller, as expected of ports honestly, but you can use a Xbox controller just the same.
Upplagd 2 maj, 2018.
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This DLC is amazing but it also causes problems for connection with players. When I was summoned, the game told me I did NOT have the license for the DLC (which I do, because I have the season pass) and booted me to main menu... and at one point (currently), I have suddenly found myself completely unable to summon other people, as it keeps timing the summon out.

Before I got this DLC, my connections were absolutely fine. Today, it seems to be problematic so I would hope that they quickly patch the issue.

By the way? Best spell is in this DLC. Best katana too.
Upplagd 2 april, 2017.
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Having... never really played this game before and having been told it was free to play by a friend, I decided to give it a go and see what all the fuss was about... in terms of the game's sound, it's nice, but a clear (and I mean clearly pointed out in game) way to put subtitles early on would be way more helpful for people with noisy backgrounds who want to play the game. The graphics, though this game is old from what I am aware are actually pretty smooth though do suffer especially when you try to zoom out to get a better perspective of what exactly is going on (and trust me you will need to if you want to not DIE).

... Unfortunately, the CONTROLS and INTERFACE is where this game REALLY let it down for me in a very bad way (I am suffering a headache from just trying to PLAY the game and I'm in no way a dumb person). From the get go, you are given instructions by Aura, your ship AI, in what to do to move around, to fight and so on. However, in my time playing I found that half of the actions she was asking me to do simply weren't working or even AVAILABLE to do. Being told to approach a target, lock on and then orbit, then shoot is all well and good but if you can't easily select to approach or lock on to a target, it really makes playing difficult. What makes it worse however is just trying to MOVE your ship. You get told pretty early on to double click to move your ship where you want to go, however the game likes to interpret where you click as somewhere completely not where you click. What's worse is that rotating your camera requires clicking and holding, then dragging your camera around to rotate, and if you do that on ANYTHING you can interact with, you get a menu instead. This makes trying to turn your camera to look at enemies who have come to start shooting you in the rear end with missiles completely a nightmare, even worse if you're trying to lock on to shoot at them at full speed while they are doing the same!

You'd think I was just griping for the sake of it but it gets worse... it gets so much worse. Several points in the tutorial alone tell you to make alterations to your ship or even get a new ship which involves traversing through about 6-8 different interfaces JUST to set up the new ship, have the required skills to fly it and equip it with what the game tells you to equip to it. Then you get pulled into a giant fleet battle after the game gloriously shows you all the ships you could be flying and you're presented with the nightmare fuel of trying to fight multiple opponents while trying to focus on a key target while fighting THE CAMERA ITSELF to just play the game. Then the game throws a curve ball by throwing you into a 'but thou must' death scene and puts you to setting up ANOTHER ship with MORE items and go get a career?

... Yeah. At this point, I plain just gave up. If you like RTS games and can handle a million and one interfaces and possibly one of THE WORST control and camera systems I've ever honestly seen in a video game... and you're a real big fan of space exploration, mining, giant fleet battles and the like, I can recommend this game, it'll be right up your alley (and all the credit to you. The latter part interested me but...)

For anyone else who isn't into that or prefers controls and camera systems that are easier to use (like myself) and gameplay that doesn't require a million interfaces to just give your ship a loadout, fly around and deal with what you need to deal with... AVOID this game. It sounded good, it looked good, but in the end, the gameplay was the one department that made my playing just some scrap floating in new eden.
Upplagd 1 december, 2016.
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Early Access-recension
So... here's my review based on what I've seen of the game just so far, I can tell everyone who's interested in this game several things. For one, it plays a LOT like a more simplified world of warcraft but with a lot more fourth wall breaking humor that jabs at itself frequently (mentioning respawns in NPC dialog, being fully aware that tutorials are annoying and thus punishing the tutorial guy and so on). The graphics are pretty ok (well, it has to run on mobile phones and stuff so I can forgive that the graphics are toned down for those devices) and sound is nice and crisp.

So far, controls are simple, there's sometimes some graphical clipping (first bit I noticed was zorbak rubbing his hands(?) together, the clipping was quite noticable) but overall the thing is enjoyable.

The humor is great and so far, things haven't been difficult in my time of playing.

My only complaint (and please, Artix Entertainment, notice this) is that those who purchased guardian upgrades back in adventure quest or dragon amulets in dragonfable do not get any form of reward for doing so here, despite earlier notes in said games that having such would provide honored unlocks for their other games. Come on Artix Entertainment, if a person has guardian status in AdventureQuest, let them be a guardian, if they have the dragon amulet for DragonFable (ESPECIALLY if they have the one that applies to all DF characters), let them have the dragon related stuff. Don't make them pay AGAIN for something they should already have (and for that note, don't lock people with said stuff out from content by forcing them to pay AGAIN for it)! Honor your old players!

Anyways... would I recommend this game? It's early access so the bugs can be forgiven. It plays smooth and with the promise of more content, I would recommend this to everyone (but seriously AE, my point raised stands VERY strongly. Honor the old players!)

Battle on!
Upplagd 9 november, 2016.
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This game proves to be a really challenging but fun reimagining of the original Binding of Isaac. It plays pretty smoothly and it holds some interesting new music, bosses and items that just weren't possible even with the community remix mod for the original game. What is a let down for the game in my opinion is just one plain and simple thing... the difficulty. The game will either throw you a bone right at the start and give you a item that ensures your run is successful, such as mom's knife, technology, mulligan (or guppy) and this allows you to breeze the game. Other times, the game will throw you nothing but use items and nothing that boosts your character... and I find the more items you actually unlock through play, the more the game is inclined to DO this to you. Why is this such a problem? One. Single. Character... 'The Lost'.

Remember how people really liked no hit runs? The lost is just that. You cannot get hit even once, or your run is OVER. You cannot even gain any HP the entire run. Imagine, if you will, having unlocked so much content in the game and then have to find out you need to do all that stuff with the lost. Imagine if you have the game throw you nothing but useless items (poop, lemon, on hit items like life savings, charm of the vampire... the list goes on) and that when you DO get a good item, the VERY NEXT ROOM throws mullibooms (the exploding popcorn children), homing flies, swarms of enemies or MY FAVORITES, -DINGLE- or -THE HAUNT- at you on the VERY first floor. I wouldn't mind, but it seems that the game's difficulty automatically cranks it to hard mode like you'd entered the special seed for it even if you haven't (and I dread seeing what hard mode does to it). This one character and the difficulty put to it has made me quit playing multiple times out of sheer anger at not being able to make it anywhere NEAR mom. Anyone else who gets to this point will likely agree that this single thing ruins your mood for this game.

Do I recommend this game? Yeah, I recommend it, it's a great game and it has wonderful quality to it... but Ed, buddy, if you're reading this, whatever dial you set the game to for the lost's gameplay of 'I wanna be the jerk', turn it down. Not being able to take hits is enough, instant hard mode on normal is not okay.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have another death date with -DINGLE-...
Upplagd 9 december, 2014.
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This game is truly wonderful, there's a lot of hard practice within the game and you can't just always rely on one tactic to win. Every enemy has been balanced along with the weapons and armour to always give that feeling of struggle, no matter how high in strength you are. PVP however is where this game is let down, mainly because the players who play this game like to make use of the cheapest tactics they can manage in order to win. Here's just a list of what to expect if you try doing Dark Souls 2 PVP:

Channeler's trident with any magic buff and poison infusion while spamming heavy attack to drill hit you and just stack poison? Check.
Infinite HP hacks? Check. (I've encountered at least 46 different players doing this so far)
Poison/Bleed estoc to bypass shields? Check.
Infinite stagger caestus build? Check.
Prebuffing and then using poison fog/toxic mist/dark fog/acid surge as you are summoning in so you get poisoned/have your armour and rings broken before you can even act? Check. (watch out would be dragons, this happens to you a LOT)
Prebuffing and then trying to backstab you as you are summoning in? Check (Dragons again...)
Waiting right by where you appear and spamming fire tempest or other AoE spells so you have no time to act when you summon in? Check. (dragons especially)
Abusing rolls to ensure no form of magic will ever hit them? Check. (Oh yeah, if you roll? You can't get hit by most magic unless it's a flat out hit. Not a fun thing if you get forced into PVP and you're a caster of any form).

That's just a short list of the cheap tactics I've seen being put to use while I have played Dark Souls 2. Players will not try to play fair and as a result, it ruins the experience for the people who are trying to play the game fairly. Most even take PRIDE in this factor and you can find tons of builds to accompany these tactics so as to 'pwn maximum number of noobs' as one person put it.

I will complement Dark Souls 2 however as it has made co-operative play (especially with friends) much, MUCH better than Dark Souls 1. You get a name engraved ring you can buy that allows you to connect to players using the same 'god' that you choose using the ring. There's a large selection of gods and goddesses so you have little risk of being summoned by someone who you don't want to be summoned by. There's also two forms of aid you can do: Shades (which last a certain time and vanish when they've either killed so many enemies or have been there long enough, you can tell if a shade's about to vanish because they start turning black) and phantoms (Just like Dark Souls 1, they vanish when you beat a boss usually). A nice thing they've made sure to note is while there are areas where phantoms can't be summoned, shades can still be summoned in some of them, allowing for you to still recieve aid from your friends if you need it (and some areas you really DO need it.

For those travelling alone, From Software hasn't forgotten about you. Almost every single boss has a NPC phantom or two somewhere nearby that can aid you if you are unfortunate enough to have the dark souls 2 server lose connection or if you lose connection to steam. What's more, some of them have storylines that grant you their equipment if you accomplish them.

Overall, there's plenty of nice things in Dark Souls 2 that I would really want to praise. There's a vast array of weapons, armours and items to help you on your journey and it's possible to make all kinds of playthroughs (I've even seen someone playing a run as a character named after and tooled up exactly like Simon Belmont from castlevania. That was funny to play along with!).

If anything, it's Dark Souls 2's PVP that lets it down in the long run and a lot of the covenants make use of PVP to rank up so you are kind of forced to face it at some point if you want the most out of covenants... though thankfully you can switch covenants freely in Dark Souls 2, which is a god send.

There was one other thing that disappointed me though (and this is more a personal nitpick than anything else)... the weapons while vast and arrayed... well, it doesn't exactly have the same kind of fantastic variety that Dark Souls 1 had. I thought it was neat when I could get a sword made out of crystal or the dark sword from the darkwraiths (I was pleased the armour was back but COME ON FROM SOFT, why no sword to go with!?) which all had really unique designs and stood out. Granted, there are a few nice and unique weapons but I just feel it's lacking there. Who knows? Maybe the DLC coming out will provide us with some more really neat tools of destruction? I sure hope so!

Would I recommend Dark Souls 2? Yes, VERY MUCH YES I would recommend this game. But there are things that you need to be aware of when you pick this game up and I hope this review will help those who are considering this game for various reasons to consider before picking it up. From Software is making constant balance checks with this game so maybe they might see some of the problems and deal with them but in the meantime, thank you for reading my review and I hope it gave you all information about Dark Souls 2 that will help you decide to buy the game.

Good luck, and hope you're prepared to die all over again. You'll be doing it a lot.
Upplagd 20 juni, 2014.
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