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Posted: Dec 1, 2016 @ 3:08pm

Having... never really played this game before and having been told it was free to play by a friend, I decided to give it a go and see what all the fuss was about... in terms of the game's sound, it's nice, but a clear (and I mean clearly pointed out in game) way to put subtitles early on would be way more helpful for people with noisy backgrounds who want to play the game. The graphics, though this game is old from what I am aware are actually pretty smooth though do suffer especially when you try to zoom out to get a better perspective of what exactly is going on (and trust me you will need to if you want to not DIE).

... Unfortunately, the CONTROLS and INTERFACE is where this game REALLY let it down for me in a very bad way (I am suffering a headache from just trying to PLAY the game and I'm in no way a dumb person). From the get go, you are given instructions by Aura, your ship AI, in what to do to move around, to fight and so on. However, in my time playing I found that half of the actions she was asking me to do simply weren't working or even AVAILABLE to do. Being told to approach a target, lock on and then orbit, then shoot is all well and good but if you can't easily select to approach or lock on to a target, it really makes playing difficult. What makes it worse however is just trying to MOVE your ship. You get told pretty early on to double click to move your ship where you want to go, however the game likes to interpret where you click as somewhere completely not where you click. What's worse is that rotating your camera requires clicking and holding, then dragging your camera around to rotate, and if you do that on ANYTHING you can interact with, you get a menu instead. This makes trying to turn your camera to look at enemies who have come to start shooting you in the rear end with missiles completely a nightmare, even worse if you're trying to lock on to shoot at them at full speed while they are doing the same!

You'd think I was just griping for the sake of it but it gets worse... it gets so much worse. Several points in the tutorial alone tell you to make alterations to your ship or even get a new ship which involves traversing through about 6-8 different interfaces JUST to set up the new ship, have the required skills to fly it and equip it with what the game tells you to equip to it. Then you get pulled into a giant fleet battle after the game gloriously shows you all the ships you could be flying and you're presented with the nightmare fuel of trying to fight multiple opponents while trying to focus on a key target while fighting THE CAMERA ITSELF to just play the game. Then the game throws a curve ball by throwing you into a 'but thou must' death scene and puts you to setting up ANOTHER ship with MORE items and go get a career?

... Yeah. At this point, I plain just gave up. If you like RTS games and can handle a million and one interfaces and possibly one of THE WORST control and camera systems I've ever honestly seen in a video game... and you're a real big fan of space exploration, mining, giant fleet battles and the like, I can recommend this game, it'll be right up your alley (and all the credit to you. The latter part interested me but...)

For anyone else who isn't into that or prefers controls and camera systems that are easier to use (like myself) and gameplay that doesn't require a million interfaces to just give your ship a loadout, fly around and deal with what you need to deal with... AVOID this game. It sounded good, it looked good, but in the end, the gameplay was the one department that made my playing just some scrap floating in new eden.
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first_ghost Dec 2, 2016 @ 6:32pm 
actually what you didn't know was that you should have bought "insurance" on that ship from ammar. Once i got killed (story end) i collected the insurance and i'm able to buy another ship again :P
Reaver Mandalore Dec 2, 2016 @ 8:52am 
The camera has little settings at the bottom of the screen that you can mess around with lol