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Posted: Apr 26 @ 8:50am
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Steam Prison Review

I think those who find themselves interested in Steam Prison are allured by the story plot which sounds way more interesting than what is actually delivered.

We have a young girl who is framed for the murder of her parents and is sent to a dystopia world below known as the depths where criminal activity and degenerate individuals run rampant. At least, this is the impression it tries to give. The reality is that this story feels more like a cookie cut and paste type of story than a story that attempts to delve into complex social structures that result from such a universe.

It isn’t that Steam Prison doesn’t try to explore these realities, but it certainly fails to touch anything below the surface. It is depressing knowing how much more they could have done rather than failing to provide much more substance than the summary that attracted you in the first place. All this and more for the low price of $39.99.

What a rip.

The internal dialogue from the MC is one annoying part of this VN. We might as well listen to the inner monologue of a programmed robot talk about how they need to improve as a trained police officer than actually see a sufficient officer at work.

I must be vigilant! I must train harder! I must not be distracted! A strong police officer will do this and they will do that and I will do better next time. I can excuse these kinds of internal monologues once, maybe twice, but when it happens several times in one route over and over she is telling us how she is a great police officer instead of showing us.

I also find myself extremely concerned over the MC’s parents and whether the MC will ever come to terms with their abusive negligence. I understand the creators of this VN wanted to create a universe of caste fidelity and virtuous innocence, but when an 18-year-old girl still doesn’t seem to have a clue of where babies come from it is unrealistic no matter how much a society might censor it.

No one questions anything and it honestly gives the impression that people from the heights are so unaware of the control placed on them it even removed all traces of basic human instincts. Love is a curious foreign emotion and they really do not give a reason how that is even possible among an entire city of people who live in the heights. This is the perception I get.

This is where the cookie cutter and paste story really begins to shine. It is simply unrealistic and there has to be a reason why things like this are possible besides saying “Oh, it is because it is. Society censored conversations like this and no one ever thought to challenge it.”

If that was true why are there a community of people from the heights who live in the depths with crimes ranging from questioning things to more complex ones? Why have people obviously lost family members to the depths without raising questions, speaking out against it, whispering about it, and how can the majority of the population continue living life in the heights oblivious to even the simplistic questions such as “Where do babies come from?” So, when one of the characters condescend about lack of knowledge she has about where babies come from you can’t really blame him. Just saying. It is terrible.

Now the inconsistency of the MC herself is another matter. Valentine is a shameless flirt. It is actually sort of pathetic and embarrassing to watch. The MC, however, just sort of goes along with it despite the fact she almost had an allergic reaction trying on a wedding dress when she still lived in the heights. How is her chasteness alright and sensible in some circumstances and not sensible in others that sort of demand it for consistency in character?

I can only conclude this VN was written for young children, but the idea of prostitution mentioned even remotely illustrates that it was not. So, why is it so blithering stupid in some areas and trying to be so complex in others and failing terribly in most of those areas too.

I could go on, but do I really need to? Haven’t I suffered enough? Yes, I really did not like this VN. I hated it. There is a chance there are some people that will like it and I apologize for the harshness of my review, but I can’t support a VN this bad for the price it demands. It is insulting. There are many other VN’s I have read that is far superior for a better price. I would strongly suggest you consider this VN carefully before buying it.

Sigh. Maybe the last two routes I haven't finished will be better and I will update this review more positively. At the moment, the thought of trying to read anymore of this is about as appealing to me as the thought of removing a tooth or pulling out a chuck of my hair.

I may return someday out of morbid curiosity born out of a masochistic fetish, but I think not for quite some time. I need to prepare for the torture I might undoubtedly face. Anyways, thanks for reading. Take care.
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