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Posted: Jun 13, 2020 @ 10:19pm

Early Access Review
I know it's early access but it's very apparent this started as a "free to play". They said they were changing it to a buy-to-play experience more similar to previous titles... welp, not really. They just stuck a 30 dollar price tag on the freemuim game essentially, the game feels like it wasn't overhauled at all apart from the blatant free to play elements being removed. Areas outside dungeons feel like typical "trash mob grind zone", creatures rarely drop anything, even chests rarely drop anything other than gold and potions. where are the good ol' loot-splotions? this is an A-rpg right? there is two trees for the classes with like 7 skills in each tree... So there really isn't much build choice, there probably will end up being roughly 2 build per class each, and skills feel very un-empactful. You level and you almost feel like you gained no power whatsoever. there is no stat point allocation further limiting your player and build choices, this isn't a deal breaker, but after experiencing the limited itemization and skill system it just feels very underwhelming overall.
graphics are totally fine IMO, animations are pretty fluid and decent, nothing to rant or rave about, they work.
What doesn't work sometimes is your character randomly getting hung up on small or non-existent objects, possibly leading to a death or getting trapped between an enemy and... an invisible wall?
The lag has not been a huge issue, but in my limited playtime it has affected gameplay enough times to be a bit annoyed with it and the delay of your inputs and attacks on enemies.
Overall first impressions: "meh". Just kind of a "nothing to see here" game that clearly started as a freemuim game and didn't really get overhauled and shifted enough from it to even justify the price tag.
I feel confident leaving this review even in early access because I can't see any of these CORE systems changing. I am having a decent time in my limited experience with it so far but i'm almost certain it has no lasting potential but WE WILL SEE, if things change for the better I will change my review.
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