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7 hours ago
In topic What would you like to see next?
If there's a 4 players vs 1 boss mode, I think character / card selection would work well as following:
1) The boss is selected, and revealed
2) The other players pick characters and roles, which are revealed to the boss player
3) Everyone picks cards (the boss can pick cards that help to deal with strong character / role combinations)

And yeah, before such a mode is introduced, something should be done to balance characters with extremely high or low Rec values.

Also, class levels should either be set to a default value, or the boss gets a power level depending on the other players' class levels.
Jul 15 @ 11:23pm
In topic How to transfer custom dice?
If you use Windows, go to "Documents\SophiesDice\CustomDice" in your user folder. There should be xml files named after your custom dice and expressions.
Jul 15 @ 12:46pm
In topic What would you like to see next?
One thing I'm missing is an "is typing" notification for the chat, so you see if someone is typing something. I often want to write something, then a player who might have waited if they saw me typing acts before I finish, and it's too late (particularly bad in co-op).

Maybe this could be shown with a keyboard icon next to the character picture. Or with keyboard icons next to the chat, in the colors of the players who are currently typing.
Jul 15 @ 10:03am
In topic July 18th countdown
72 hours left, if it'll launch at the same time as most games do...
Jul 15 @ 8:35am
In topic Issue with "That's An Incredible GR-18!"
I checked the discord group, but there's a rule that bugs should be reported on their website, so I used that:

Thanks for your reply, that helped me to better explain the problem. And yes, this camera lock keeps happening, so I am currently stuck in the campaign.
Jul 14 @ 8:09pm
In topic Issue with "That's An Incredible GR-18!"
Is this level broken in the current version (0.9.5)? I reached this level at about 75% progress.

If I go to the part right from the conveyor belts, the camera locks onto this screen, and I can't leave, but I also can't seem to do anything except for defeating the gear enemy, and I'm stuck.

And if I enter the hidden room below the first checkpoint, and leave through the portal, the camera moves to the part mentioned above (right from the conveyor belts), but the player character doesn't appear anywhere, and instantly dies. And yes, I can put the crate on the switch and take the key before leaving the hidden room, but that doesn't seem to help me.

Maybe I'm missing something, but this seems like an unintended behavior to me. But I'm asking here on the forums since I am not 100% sure if this is a bug, or just some confusing level design where I didn't figure out what I am supposed to do.

I'd appreciate some help since I can't proceed in the campaign without finishing this level.
Jul 14 @ 8:52am
In topic Bug / troubleshooting thread v2
Yes, what I mean is that the tutorial should only mention 3 difficulties as long as Hyper difficulty isn't available. Though it seems that Hyper is planned, so I could understand it if the devs don't want to change it, and then restore it again.
(as I said it's just a minor issue, and I just mentioned it since I noticed it)
Jul 14 @ 7:58am
In topic Bug / troubleshooting thread v2
2 minor bugs:
- the tutorial mentions 4 difficulties, but it only goes up to Extreme for Summer Beast
- after the last dialog part of the event cut scene, QP is displayed without her tan
Jul 14 @ 7:37am
In topic July 18th countdown
I watched the anime long ago, but forgot some details, so you could probably say I'm going in semi-blind.

On an unrelated note, my throat starts itching more and more with each day closer to the release, I hope I'll survive until then... :remedy:
Jul 11 @ 7:05am
In topic Who Composed the Soundtrack?
You can find information about the music and composers in hyperrogue-music.txt:

HyperRogue soundtrack under the Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license,

Crossroads, Graveyard, Land of Eternal Motion, Hall of Mirrors, Hell, R'Lyeh, Living Caves, Jungle, Desert, Icy Lands by Shawn Parrotte {LINK REMOVED}

Caribbean, Ivory Tower, Ocean, Palace by Will Savino {LINK REMOVED}
Jul 11 @ 7:00am
In topic What would you like to see next?
Well, all players and characters would start with the same default rating. Then their rating is updated based on the results of the matchmaking games. Not sure whether character ratings should be reset after important balance patches.

Yes, single games aren't representative, and the best character or player could still step on Exchange and lose as a result of bad RNG. But the statistics should be meaningful when a larger number of games are taken into account.
Jul 11 @ 4:46am
In topic What would you like to see next?
One notable difference to chess is that both player and character performance would have to be rated. Winning with a bad character should increase your player rating more than winning with a good character. And if a bad player wins with a character, that character rating should increase more than if a good player won with it. Similarly, both the opponent rating as well as their character rating should determine how your player rating and the rating of your character changes after a game.

Also, a small number of games shouldn't have a huge effect on the ratings, since luck is still a huge factor, even though good players have a notably higher win percentage than the average player.
(the average player win rating is higher than 25% btw., since the average CPU win rating is lower than 25%)
Jul 10 @ 2:44pm
In topic What would you like to see next?
Originally posted by CarThief:
Guess there's more genderswaps then just QP/Kyupita and Kyoko/Kyosuke in there?
Well, those two were the ones from QP Kiss, but apparently more genderswaps were originally planned, some of which are featured on the artwork for President's Privilege:
Jul 10 @ 12:04pm
In topic What would you like to see next?
Originally posted by DESTROYER:
If we get Kyupita it should be part of a QP Kiss character pack with Himeji. Would make for a fun addition.
That doesn't sound bad, though I'd prefer a Suguru + Himeji pack. Another pack could be Kyupita + Kaetarou.
An April Fools' release would be ideal. ^^
Jul 10 @ 11:32am
In topic What would you like to see next?
Originally posted by Quint the Alligator Snapper:
Can Elo ratings even be calculated for a 4player game?
It looks like it's possible, at least according to the replies here:
Though I'd be fine with any reasonable weighted rating that considers average player and character performance.

@CarThief: I'm not sure what you mean with "dead-serious". I don't think anyone would die as a consequence.
No one would be forced to play serious. Those who want to play "just for fun" would likely be matched with players of a similar mind set, or beginners, while players who enjoy a more competitive playstyle would be matched with higher skilled players. So I think it'd be more fun for both groups of players, since they can play among themselves. And competitive or higher skilled players would still have the option to play casual games in public lobbies.
Also, I don't care about global player leaderboards, I just want to have the option to play against random players of a similar skill level, and know it's okay to go all out without having to worry that others might not enjoy the game. Though having access to your own player rating and to global character performance statistics would be useful.
Jul 10 @ 10:44am
In topic What would you like to see next?
An Elo-based matchmaking mode that isn't affected by seasonal events, and which has its own local and global statistics would be nice.
Jul 10 @ 10:31am
In topic What would you like to see next?
Originally posted by CarThief:
Oh, that'd be adorable, heh... If we're gonna be drowned in endless, same-y waifus, atleast add in a cute boy couple! That ougta balance things out.
I bet they would have added Kyupita long ago if you wouldn't complain about the female characters with each of your requests.
Jul 9 @ 10:06am
In topic 15 GB minimum ram?
I'm pretty sure they just accidentally used the size of the game in the wrong field, since Storage also happens to be 15 GB.
Originally posted by _monad:
Waiting for a ghost would've ended in a checkmate anyway in this case
Not necessarily. Depends on whether the ratling at the top would have moved to the left or right, and whether additional ghosts would have been a problem.
Jul 9 @ 9:49am
In topic controller not working at all
My Directinput gamepad works without a flaw. Did you manage to configure your controller in the Setup?

Keyboard should work even with a connected gamepad. You can navigate the menu with arrow keys. I can confirm with the Y key, but that may be due to my QWERTZ layout, and for players with a QWERTY keyboard it may be the Z key, which is the default for many Japanese shmup games.
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