I'm mostly interested in indie / doujin titles, arcade games, experimental / creative games, games that require you to think, and story-based games. I usually prefer 2D over 3D, and innovative but slightly flawed games over solid but boring titles. I like certain trial & error or memorization-heavy games, but dislike others. Also, I like games with a cute art style. :xmei:
I'm not a huge fan of heavy micromanagement, grinding, or clicker-type games, but I don't look down on others just because they have a different taste in games. Also, those are just rules-of-thumb, and I'm generally open-minded. :)

I mainly play the following fighting games:
- BlazBlue series (main: Arakune, sub: Bang)
- Nitroplus Blasterz (main: Muramasa, sub: Anna)
- Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus R (main: Venom)

Apart from playing games, I'm interested in video game music, alternative musical tunings (extended just intonation, different equal temperaments, and other regular temperaments), programming / game design, hyperbolic geometry, Japanese media, and other weird stuff. :triangle:
I'm also vegan (for ethical / environmental reasons), but I'm mostly non-missionary.

If you have something in common with me, and want to chat with me about certain topics, you can send me a friend request, and tell me why you want to add me.
However, unless we agreed about that elsewhere, I'm not interested in friend requests for the purpose of trading.


Below you can see a list of games that I enjoyed, w/o a guarantee that they are objectively good or sophisticated, worth the full price, or fit the description of the store page.
I don't mind (partial) nudity in games if the gameplay is good, but I tend to avoid games that are too extreme on a social platform like Steam. I don't play many games with gore or excessive violence, but there are some exceptions, though you've probably seen worse.
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Games that I enjoyed...
- 6DoF FPS: Forsaken
- Adventure (point & click): Puzzle Agent 1 & 2 , Sam & Max: TDP , Strange Telephone , old Lucas Arts adventures
- Bullet Hell Shmup: eXceed 2nd :chinatsu: & 3rd :rayne: remakes, Danmaku Unlimited 2 & 3 , Crimzon Clover :typeII:, Graze Counter , Gundemonium series , QP Shooting - Dangerous!! / Xmas Shooting - Scramble!! , Eschatos , Murasaki , Touhou 9&11, Bullet Soul , Barrage Musical ~A Fantasy of Tempest~ , Sweezy Gunner :SweezyGunner: (good for beginners), games from Studio SiestA or Cave
- Fighting: Guilty Gear :ggxxacsol: / BlazBlue :Rachel: / Smash Bros series, Nitro+ Blasterz
- Hack & Slash / Brawler: Fortune Summoners:SotES , Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae :soldierblue:, Phantom Breaker BG :pbbg_yuzuha:, Oboro Muramasa
- Hacking / "Zachlike": TIS-100 , SpaceChem , Human Resource Machine
- Metroidvania: La-Mulana :curry::lunchtime:, Mystik Belle , Metroid Prime trilogy, Shantae series
- Music & Rhythm: Akihabara FTR :supercharge:
- Platformer: Dye , Eryi's Action :yum:, Escape Goat 1 & 2 , GoiwBF , IWBTG :gameover:, Mushroom 11 , Ovivo , Squirbs :FreeSquirb:, Super Robot Jump Jump , The Land of Eyas , almost any platformer by Nintendo / Rare
- Puzzle: The Bridge :triangle:, Braid , FEZ , Hade , Hexcells , ibb & obb , Induction , Limbo , Parallax , Pipe Push Paradise , Portal 1 & 2 :p2wheatley:, Trine :knight::wizard:, Tri:OF&M
- Racing: Sonic & AS Racing T , F-Zero X, Mario Kart series
- Roguelike: Dungeons of Dredmor :love:, One Way Heroics :owhunter:, SotS: The Pit :scouthead:, HyperRogue :redslimebeast::blueslimebeast:, Hydra Slayer , A Magical High School Girl , Chocobo's Dungeon
- Roguelike (real time): Eldritch :fishman:, Just Get Through :retrific:, Rogue Legacy , Realm of the Mad God , Delver , Baroque (remake)
- Sandbox / Experimental: Terraria :terraria:, PixelJunk Eden , Waking Mars
- Shmup (other): Aqua Kitty , Good Robot , Jamestown , Luftrausers :plane::LaserBeam:, Neko Navy , Sora
- Versus Shmup: Acceleration of Suguri 2 , Rival Megagun , Twinkle Star Sprites
- Shmup Platformer: Bleed 1 & 2 :kitteh:, Isbarah , Miracle Fly
- Tactics / Boardgames: Ambition of the Slimes , Hive , Magic Scroll Tactics , Militia :militiaarcher:, Ronin , 100% Orange Juice :100percent::2017stickyorange::steamsalty:, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
- Top-down: Retro City Rampage :RogueMoneybags::bighead::goldengun:, Magicka :bluewizard::greenwizard::yellowwizard:
- Visual Novel / Story-based: World End Economica , Higurashi no Naku Koro ni , An Octave Higher , Steins;Gate , fault milestone , SeaBed , Confines of the Crown[/ur

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Tekki Jun 20 @ 11:33am 
oh, that makes sense. Well, I hope you enjoy it if you play it. It is seriously weird, but kinda cute.
tricosahedron Jun 20 @ 6:24am 
I know that Birdgut is free, I just sometimes put free games on my wishlist to keep track of them, and it can't hurt to give them a bit of visibility in the activity feed. But still thanks for mentioning it! :)
Tekki Jun 20 @ 12:42am 
just so you know, Birdgut is entirely free. :)
chriss3008 Jun 18 @ 7:44am 
Oh, thanks.
I didn't know there was a manual. I translated it using an application and it's a pain to understand. I actually thought this game was German, due to its name.
But anyway, I'll be posting there in the forum when I start back, in any doubt. Thanks :grimeyelaugh:
tricosahedron Jun 18 @ 7:19am 
Hi, nice to meet a fellow vegan. :love:
If you have questions about KreisReise, feel free to ask! I'd recommend to read the manual in the game folder first; the English translation isn't the best, but IMO the gameplay-related stuff is understandable. It might be best to create a thread in the (currently empty) forums, so it helps others with the same questions, and shows that there's some activity. I've subscribed to the forums, so I will notice any activity there. But you can also pm me. This game is really tough, particularly some of the bosses. I'm currently in the 4th world type ("Faux Tower").
I hope you have a good time with with Bloodstained! ^_^
chriss3008 Jun 18 @ 7:02am 
Hallo, how are you? I added you because I'm currently play KreisReise and am getting lost sometimes. I notice there is no discussion threads on the forum, so there are not many players. But you uploaded many screenshots, so I thought it'd be a good thing to have you as a friend in case I need help.
Anyways, since Bloodstained was released today, I won't have time to play other games for a while lol.
Btw, I'm also vegan :)