The Navy Duck   Texas, United States
" Be polite, be courteous, show professionalism, and have a plan ...
to kill everyone in the room !

* Steam Support will NOT Help if your Games are on an External HDD !!

Thank you for your Friend 'add'. However, at this time, I am considering how to trim back my list. I don't feel that I could give the proper attention a.t.t. that new friendships would deserve.
Until I have my activities under better control, I must pass on accepting new 'adds'. My thanks, John {DerEider}

Due to endemic Phishing, Spamming, & threats, this Profile is now " Friends Only ".

On GOG as "DerDuck" {noob there}

Now own 600+ games but play only ~25 or so. {Darn those bundle-sales! Can't keep up} :steammocking:

INTERESTS : TB Strategy, Adventure/RPG, VN & Puzzle & HOG type games. Not into FPS nor MPs nor Coops nor CHATs.
Enjoy reviewing Friends' Activity feeds; They're interesting, varied, & open new vistas.:coolsquare:

COMMUNICATE with Friends via comments on Profiles, Activity feeds, & direct Messages.
Often leave PC on with Game running during breaks, feeding my face, snoozing, walking the dogs, etc. So ... I may not respond immediately :steambored:

GAME FAVs : Elder Scrolls series: Use lots of Nexus Mods for TES-3/4/5.

Rise of Nations- Original + T&P + EE .

SM's Civilization series: Civ6 + Civ5 + Mods. Civ4 {Base + Warlords + Beyond the Sword}. Like 'em all :norse:

Also, Everlasting Summer {Visual Novel} & Age of Empires II series including AoE II-HD & ChuSinGura-46+1 S {VN}.

Many RPGs, including: Aveyond "Orbs of Magic" series; FATE series; FABLE III & many other RPGs too numerous to list.

Authored 4-* rated Console Commands Guide for Dummies - SKYRIM + ARMY GALS Guide & Walk-through ; as well as
RPG Guide for Dummies {RPGing + AVEYOND} and Console Commands Guide for Dummies - MORROWIND ;
Plus SUNRIDER Academy Walk-through & Console Commands Guide .

Wrote some REVIEWs & Workshop "COLLECTIONs" of Mods I use for Civ5 & TES5 & AoE II.

Bio Summary : Texas based. Submariner . Lived all around USA. A lot of overseas Travel in U.S.Navy.
Play T-B Strat, Adventure/RPG, Puzzle, VN games. Do NOT do FPS, MP, nor Coop. :steammocking:
FAV games = Civ {X}, TES {X}, RoN EE, AoE II series, Fate series, Aveyond Magic Orb series. :steamhappy:
COMMs with Friends mainly via Activity feeds & Profiles comments.
Often absent while games run, so response may be slow :steambored:
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Euther Pendragon 15 hours ago 
Thx for the add, and nice to meet you!! :dwarven::dwarven:
DerEider Jul 13 @ 3:46am 
Oh , NOOOooooo !! I didn't see that ! Going to hide somewhere for a few days :HelpMee:
:CatLick::FaceBox::REMAIN_Hello: :summerghost::CatLick::FaceBox::REMAIN_Hello: :summerghost:
:CatLick::FaceBox::REMAIN_Hello: :summerghost::CatLick::FaceBox::REMAIN_Hello: :summerghost:
DerEider Jul 8 @ 2:57pm 
Yeah:exclamationPointRed: 5 from the Spring thing and 3 from the Salien thing plus 8 from single games :2017stickycrab:
Rattlesnake8 Jul 8 @ 2:43pm 
Some great new emotes you have there! :2016snocone::2016watermelon:
DerEider Jul 8 @ 12:42pm 
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