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I am part of Royal Soldiers. We are a close group of old friends that play games together and have nice talks on our Discord server. We are in no way a competetive clan, although this might change in the future. We just like to play games and have conversations about all kinds of things.

We would love for you to come say hello on our discord and join us in playing games and have some fun! You can join here: https://discord.gg/HzYhbXq

See you soon!
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Grand Theft Auto V
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1,704 Hours played
I'm almost loaded into the game.
=iS= talliNex22 Jun 10 @ 6:57am 
I pee on trampolines
|RS|PowahRanger May 13 @ 10:14am 
You were clearly trolling, thats why you were banned, and those servers are already gone
Dementia May 13 @ 10:12am 
you banned me and bmi for no reason 6 months ago
|RS|PowahRanger May 13 @ 9:34am 
We have nothing to unban you from xd
Dementia May 13 @ 9:10am 
unban me man