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Yes, I am a Trekkie. No, I do not live in a basement. I am middle aged man who has enjoyed video gaming since playing Pong in the 1970's. Aspiring to learn how to play drums and have been playing three years now.
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Federation Oberley Class Star Cruiser. Huge cruiser for peace time exploration and heavily armed in times of war and conflicts.

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Created by - Airmaster
Airmaster Oct 25 @ 3:18pm 
Ybot please see my comments in your GC3 review.
Airmaster Oct 25 @ 9:52am 
_nt suffix stands for Nasty Tang, a player who collaborated with me on some of the content. What you use is up to you. The only difference Is mine is up-to-date with crusade and retribution and my version has retribution ship set style separately available to sub to and play.
Ybot Oct 25 @ 2:44am 
@Airmaster, hey buddy been searching through all your comments and stuff looking for the answer without any I have to ask: what does the "_nt" suffix mean? In some of your faction collections you have this extra copy of the civ with that suffix. Should I be using the _nt version, the non-_nt version or maybe both? Enjoying your work BTW!
Airmaster Jul 26 @ 4:46pm 
Lt. Aldo_Raine see DM I sent you.
Lt. Aldo_Raine Jul 26 @ 12:43pm 
hey buddy i love your Star trek ships but how do you change the size of some of the hulls? i love the NX model but i think it should be a small class and not tiny, couldnt see where you can change the hull size in the ship editor.
Airmaster May 12 @ 9:51pm 
bruneauinfo Just subscribe and download them, that is all there is to it, Be sure to sync mods when you open game to play them so everything you subbed to shows up.