Excitable Boy
Lo'ad'a Mo' P'uss   Tuamasaga, Samoa
King of my tribe, the Malo Sa'oloto Tuto'atasi o Sāmoa. We love nightly rituals involving the deflowering of virgins, but we are in need of new candidates, after all it's a small island. If interested, apply at the information desk in the longhouse. A good time is guaranteed for all, we Samoan men are quite well endowed. The first male participant in these rituals. is of course the male with the largest organ (me). This wasn't always so, but I beheaded my brother in combat.

I wish I hadn't filed down my teeth, my dentist bills are horrendous. Want a tattoo? Tribal really means tribal when you get one from us. Unlike the competition (I'll say it, the Hala' a Wha Ha'nu'nu tribe), we now use lasers instead of the traditional unsanitary method utilizing bamboo sticks. Let's admit it, all of that tap, tap, tapping gets old real quick. Not only that, it affects your hearing, and who wants to miss out on those beautiful battle cries? I'll bet my war face is uglier than yours.
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Excitable Boy Sep 8 @ 5:42am 
I've gotten hooked on watching Broadcasts lately. After a while you notice that the people broadcasting are in tune with your day & night cycle (obviously, but something not always taken into consideration.) So what this boils down to is if the people whom you are watching aren't speaking your native tongue, you are either up way too late, you work the night shift, or your circadian rhythms are way out of whack!
Excitable Boy Mar 22 @ 4:27am 
Tell me when Steam became a Japanese company selling anime, manga, & Kusoge? Not having any interest doesn't help, Steam crams them down my throat. Check them as "not interested" & they show to you more. I'll bet the curator of It's Shit is beginning to gag.
On the subject of utter crap, include the garbage "pixelated" 1970's games that have proliferated. My first console was the original Pong. If I want to play these games (which I don't) I'll whip out my 2600. The games are better than 90% made by wannabe programmers owning RPGmaker. I'll go with the rusty Atari ST since the games were easy to pirate. This comment is longer than usual, I'm really ticked off, time to move on. After all my gaming rig was built to handle games that were supposed to spit out most PC's that gamers own. Will it ever end?
Excitable Boy Oct 30, 2016 @ 1:39pm 
Steam needs to seriously wake up & have enough servers for peak time usage on the weekends. For instance, #1: Log in on Sunday afternoon & have Steam act like you are NOT logged in. Up spits a screen telling you to log in here & all it does is tell you there is an error with the Steam servers, NO SHIT. #2: Click damn near anywhere on the Featured Games page & you have to wait 30 seconds before anything happens at all. #3: Try to play one of the games on your games list only to have the system lag out & ignore you all together & continue to do this over & over. There are many more glitches I'm not even going to mention, I'm tired of typing about it at this point.

Come on Gabe wake up & spend some of the fortune you have made off of us & give us what we have paid for... Buy some more damn servers.
Excitable Boy Jan 27, 2015 @ 6:28pm 
Never try to get a problem fixed by Support, all you get are automated replies. There are no humans working in Support. The replies won't have anything to do with your problems either. Gabe saw the commercial on TV about the 2 servers dumping people wanting help from support & ran with it. After all you have to pay humans.