Ejay [bluestreak]
Ejay   Sevnica, Slovenia

Discord: Ejay#6969

I recieve many, many friends requests each week. It is impossible to friend everyone with Steam's current limit structure, so please join my Steam group "Pointless"

Members of Pointless are also welcome to join my forum website called "Ejay's Circle" (There is where I do all my giveaways)

----the fine print:
- Do not ask for free cards, money, skins, free sex (unless your cute) or free anything. Doing so will result in an immediate block. I will save you and me time: The answer is NO.

- I do not trade. If you get someone claiming to be me and offers you trades, or some deal that is too good to be true, RUN AWAY. That is NOT me, but an impersonator. I only sell through the Marketplace.

- My profile is always public (except for the inventory). If an "EJay" that looks just like me and has a private profile, contacts you for a super deal. RUN. I do not do that. it's an imposter.

------------------------CAVEAT EMPTOR!- (Buyer Beware)---------------------

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Respect existence or expect resistance.

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As Tower defense games go, this is at the top of the lst. Game has a great look and feel. Aweosome.
Move along. Nothing to see here.

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