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Sep 17 @ 6:02pm
In topic For $49.99 you get...
User imports, a male character base and no time limit. That's it. I bought this after using the free trial on the developer's website and all I got was user imports and two variants of a male model. Everything else was present in the trial. And just when I thought my installation was bugged I found a complaint about the lack of content. Either there was some kind of mistake in publishing or I just got scammed hard.
Sep 17 @ 5:18pm
In topic Big scam? Or am I missing something
Same here, I bought it and spent nearly two hours trying to figure out how people get more character parts on here, and it turns out anything not related to school scenes is paid DLC. To make matters worse the two-hour refund policy is actually 90 minutes, so I need to talk to a support agent to get my money back.
Originally posted by North:
...are there patch notes or update logs or anything? Last news post was the update that added VR support.
Nope. The devs stopped doing patch notes almost a year ago.
The June 13 update broke the game to such an extreme degree that the devs would be better off reverting and re-adding everything that was changed, this time documenting everything so they know what went wrong if it breaks again.
Don't get me wrong, I am actually interested in this game and want to know when it comes out, but I don't want it permanently stuck on the front page of the Steam Store. It's been doing this for months now.
Any way to edit mission info or scripts, such as fixing the "All the Rage" boss AI so swapping characters when the bull is stuck forces the "Wonder Woman distracts bull" event to fire? That mission is severely broken and I still can't find a workaround to that softlock.
Once you get to the Butcher boss fight, there is a point where the bull gets its horns stuck in the ground. The first two times Wonder Woman hops on the bull the fight progresses normally but the third time you're softlocked. No options to restart from the last checkpoint, nothing else to do, just watch all the characters run endlessly to their deaths or go back to the Watchtower. And no matter how many times you run the mission over again it will always end with a softlock. The game is effectively over.
Aug 28 @ 2:15pm
In topic Glitch in Mission
There's another glitch I can't seem to get past. The boss at the end is meant to get stuck for a few seconds with a "Y" prompt, but instead gets permanently stuck with no opportunity to attack it. 100% reproducibility, no known bypass, game is effectively over. The devs need to fix this.
Originally posted by Retrograde:
other player corpses cannot be looted, even if killed via KoS.
They can after the body despawns two days later. When you die in a griefer fortress like that your stuff is effectively theirs now, as long as they remember to log and loot when the inventory spills. In hindsight he may have just been inspecting.
Aug 9 @ 11:10am
In topic Speed is fixed, but there's a catch.
You can no longer deform terrain more than once within a square mile. When you blow a hole in the ground, additional shots will simply fizzle out until you fly far away from your first crater.
Aug 9 @ 11:07am
In topic Slow flying
It's fixed, but there's a catch. Blasts can no longer make multiple craters close together. Once you blow one hole in the ground additional shots will fizzle until you get far away.
Aug 9 @ 11:05am
It's fixed, but there's a catch. You can no longer make more than one crater within a square mile.
Fortunately they fixed many PvP-in-PvE exploits since then. This was back when PvE only had four islands. Now you can't use this on major roads and can't kill players on Freedom under any circumstance. If only they would apply this fix to every square inch of the Freedom Isles instead of just the highways...
Back when I played Wurm Online there was this huge stone wall maze on Independence blocking off a road. Halfway through the maze there was a guy seemingly AFK next to a settlement token. After passing that area I got a warning that I'm in hostile territory, so I decided to turn back. Just as I reached the entrance I got locked in with a text chat message saying the alarm's been sounded, the gates are locked, and the settlement's on high alert. Right after I died to the ghost soldiers that were now swarming me the guy at the token looted my corpse.

I later found out that deed owners can mark a player for death, locking them in and turning the deed's ghost soldiers against them. The owner can lawfully loot them afterward. This is usable on PvE.

EDIT: I was just told corpses can't get looted. In all likelihood the guy just inspected me for valuables to know whether or not to log on in two days when my inventory spills.
Jul 29 @ 8:08pm
In topic AWESOME! No VR!
Originally posted by shadedraws:
I don't understand why anyone would want to downgrade by playing any first-person simulator or video game on a flat-screen when you can be in the world in VR. I think it's just hardware envy; you can't afford VR so you're trying to convince yourself it's not good.

Desperate, worried pancake gamers are trying to hard to show how against VR they are that it literally makes me laugh.

I was a gamer since the early 80s until I got a Samsung Odyssey last year. I haven't played a single pancake game since. Doesn't make sense. Looking at characters on a monitor while puppeteering them around with a gamepad or mouse+keyboard is joyless after you've experienced what it's like to BE someone else in another world.
Some people don't want to pay $300 for a game.
Jul 29 @ 8:06pm
In topic Stop Ruining You're Game Devs
Originally posted by sh3riff:
such a bad english ..
you're instead your
your instead you're

i really liked that game when it was released .. but due to no free roam etc, it got quickly boring .. got excited for free roam and now i am just disappointed that what i read, some speed nerf? Wonder how much ..
Enough for enemies to outrun you and rotaters to get you stuck to them.
Originally posted by кугелблиц:
It seems that people from Russia are consistently having issues connecting, and VPNs seem to help.
Right after seeing that post from some furry hacking game having connection issues with Russia, I see this.

To say "RIP my sides" would be an understatement. 😂
I was gonna try this again, but sounds like it's not the right time. 30-minute bugged hardline timer. Ouch...
Jul 23 @ 10:16am
In topic OPEN the game
Originally posted by Blade:
man its june almoust 2 months from the last post about the game. im going to try the game one last time if it dosent work im going to move to have the game removed from steam.
Jatte needs to put the game's Steam listing in "Coming Soon" mode during the wait because of exactly this issue, right here.

The community is getting restless, and eventually someone will get mad enough to flag the game as broken in a spiteful attempt at removing it. Valve will look at the report, see that the online service the game relies on has been shut off for months, and may pull it or even remove Jatte's Steamworks access. $100 in dev costs down the drain.
Jul 15 @ 9:24am
In topic Get this POS out of my library!
Originally posted by mcramer451:
I'm not sure of a lot of things in this world, but I am sure that this free game was not put into your library without you clicking on it.

Whether you clicked on it in the past accidentally and immediately deleted it and had it put back on your system by the recent changes to free games - I don't know.

I do know that this free game will not put on your system without you clicking on it at some point in the past.
The devs removed the "isfreeapp" flag, so when Steam auto registers the game to your account it gets foisted on your library instead of waiting for you to install.
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