Justin a.k.a "Mr.Paywall"   Blackmans, Saint Joseph, Barbados
"Straight men are just didn't fucked by real man yet."

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Damien is The Gay®
yall better stop it - ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) []
"Quoth the Raven, "Imma fuck you up"" - Lydia Vandermark
"You eat a dick nigga, you eat a dick" - Stink Meaner
"Probably bad, definitely mad." - Some queer
"Why does left click shoot now?" - TJ
"They make the honey, we make the money" - Honey Collecting Henchmen
"this is a rock of" - Chris Bunce
"Simpsons is better than pussy" - Gabe
"You like other person dick" - Gabe
"i hate women that are female human women" - A real man"
"ya know flamingos are real" TJ 2017
"gravity is not a thing" - Flat World Society.
"fuck me I can't read a 3 page book." - TJ
coo boy | ✈ ✈ ▍ ▍ : blees hope you die in cancer
"ping doesn't mean connection" - Travis
"i fucking hate laura" - a wise man
*DEAD* arctic : lol must think he is good
arctic : my plan was to let u kill me build your confidence
arctic : then id destroy you
Mitch is actually a god.
Nigger is a like slave thing? - Gabriel
Its the shaking and the breaking -Grabriel
*DEAD* [Cyka Blyat] Terminator_2009 : nice walls bless
*DEAD* [Cyka Blyat] Terminator_2009 : nice cheats bless
*DEAD* I Lick Defeat : c me on a real map
*DEAD* secretely has sound : why do all the faggots put periods after their names rofl
DEAD Smith: you aimbot kid
*DEAD* Evroken ♛✓ : i lol how u hs some1 even when they are mid crouched
"I can hear norwanese in his voice" -ethan
"I don't believe in lesbians" - a true prophet of our times
"It's like the bottomless snowman, you can't say it right the first time." -Thee Salt Miner
"dick always works" - a sleepyhead 2018
*DEAD* fucker: turns off bot and gets owned
*DEAD*(Counter-Terrorist) GUUST : pode denunciar?
*SPEC* [Wannabe] bawanna : bless is a faggot
Jimmy Falcone : pls stop shot me in the head nice team mate
*DEAD* ✪WizzK1d : !calladmin
[CALLADMIN] ✪WizzK1d reported bless. for Aimbot
[CALLADMIN] ♥ ♦狂♠♣{LINK REMOVED} reported bless. for Wallhack
why do u go super fats when bhop
your 360s were screeching autism at me
Donor | *DEAD* /.ᴊay: bless is the owner
*DEAD* Pvt Hopscotch: bless hacks
*DEAD* Cappuccino ❄: please commit oxygen not go into lungs
Science hit on me. :^)
*DEAD* Sangrez: Fuck you bless
Stonethurg : The grandwizards turn black people into dead people fyi
[GameVoting] Player GoodLuckNextTime voted for ban bless from the future.. (1/9)
*DEAD* NK ♕ : you are cheating faggot
bless from the future. : thank you
HeavenHammer Sorry buddy, I'm going to mute you. You did nothing wrong, I just have the option to censor your view so I took it.
Doggo420 to You: Oh I do dude. I'm a much better human than you are
Doggo420 to You: I don't go online talking shit to people I don't know online being a piece of shit to people I've never met
Doggo420(STEAM_0:1:16829909) disconnected.
I'm gonna staple your cat to 2x4s and throw bricks at it till it dies.
POLAR: I love watching you suck at every game you play
Christian Dad‎ : shit son i still use windows vista and my mom does my taxes
Christian Dad‎ : i cant afford hacks
*DEAD* Aqualux‎ : at the beginning you was the biggest noob and now you do only headshots
*DEAD* kuso : yea lol god at the scout after losing a couple of rounds
*DEAD* kuso : xdddddddddddd
"the absolute embarrassment of seeing my own cubes post-mortem" TJ
"Im more gay than you" Gabe
● *DEAD* ♿ThanosRapeVictim♿‎ : good hacks kill urself u fucking virgin
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