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I want to help you complete your sets and hopefully complete a few of my own in the process. I try to always keep trades fair for both sides.

Trade Terms

Same set:

(1:1) It doesn't matter which card you want and which you give me, as long as they are from the same set, you're good.

Cross set:

[*]Send me a fair offer.
[*]I don't require you to give me a minimum amount of cards, but the value of your side should be about equal to mine.
[*]I strongly prefer cards from games I own, especially those from my wanted list (see below)
[*]If I don't like your offer, I will check your inventory and make a counter-offer. I can't do that if your inventory is private, though.
[*]I accept offers with trade holds at the same terms, so no need to overpay me if you don't have the Mobile Authenticator
[*]I usually use Steam Card Exchange to compare values.
[*]Some of my foil cards are for trade, on a case-to-case basis. Just make me an offer and we'll work from there.
[*]I will accept foils in trades, but I prefer regular cards
[*]Gems, emoticons or backgrounds are fine if you use them to make up a difference in value between your cards and mine.
[*]No in-game items or coupons, please.
[*]I do reserve the right to cancel any trade I don't like.
[*]Donations are welcome and help me increase my stock, but they are of course not required.
[*]Feel free to add me, I don't mind.

My trade link:

Sets I'm working on:

I'm currently working on sets for the following games, which means I'll be more reluctant to trade cards from these games away and I'll be more interested in acquiring cards from these games.
My profile will always have the most up-to-date version of this list.

[*]Plague Inc. Evolved
[*]Joe Dever's Lone Wolf
[*]Prime World: Defenders
[*]Skulls of the Shogun
[*]Wasteland 2
[*]Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan
[*]Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller

Complete badges:

For the following games, I have reached the Lv. 5 badge. That means I'm less interested in cards from those games, as I can only trade them away again.

[*]Anomaly: Warzone Earth
[*]Atonement: Scourge of Time
[*]Bye-Bye Wacky Planet
[*]Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
[*]Earth 2160
[*]FTL: Faster than Light
[*]Mad Hunter
[*]Orcs Must Die 2
[*]Sid Meier's Civilization V
[*]Two Worlds: Epic Edition
[*]Village Story
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+Rep, one of the best Steam profiles and stats out there!
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Nice Trader :Heartyou:
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JM-Kane Jul 4 @ 12:08pm 
Thanks, Have a good summer!
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Thank you for the trade! :)