I expect Fair Trade, Honorable Warfare-(where necessary)-and Artifact to Maybe not Suck as Much A$$ as people are Lambasting it to be... But, Hey: we can All Dream, Can We?
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I just LOVE it when they Pop~! <3
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I've been playing Awesomenauts since the Starstorm Days, back when damage was measured in Single Digits and Everyone's Biggest Fear was Ashley Burch as a Psychotic Child & a Cheese Eating Surrender Lizard. And seeing all the Changes such as Damage Multiplication, a Snowballing Level System and Two Whole Groups of Expansion Characters I can happily say I enjoyed every patch I've seen.

Awesomenauts is what happens when you strip down the MOBA Formula to it base level of Turrets, Cores and purchasable Items and then apply them to a 2-D Platform Shooter. And in Normal Circumstances, it would just get washed away amidst the sea of MOBA's, but where it shines like a beacon is it's aesthetics...

The games main Style is that it takes itself after the ideaforms of kids shows from the 80's and 90's, effectively even having their opening cutscene like the opening to a kids show, and the characters reflect that greatly if not in their design then definitely in their themes.
Outstanding characters of such include a Gangsta Frog(Straight Outta Frogspawn!) A Paladin made of Ice Cream, A Genetically Cloned Space Marine... who isn't wearing any Trousers.., A Rogue Bird Cop who is wielding probably the coolest weapon ever! A Love Letter to Quentin Tarantino's Movies, with a Lisp. And most recently a strangely interesting rendition of A Famous Soldiers-of-Fortune Team.

It's Fanbase may be Small, and it's Future ever-Uncertain; but it's direction to go F2P might be the decision to improve it's numbers and make the future of this Game Bright, provided the content is consistent...
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