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GerPaladin 29 OCT a las 7:53 a. m. 
Hi. I added you cause i may need some more help with this pesky object i mentioned in the One world comment section. It said "Will pack: custom_assetbunlde (some code)"
Penguin_Sensei 24 JUN a las 4:13 a. m. 
Sorry to bother you directly on your page. I dont think im fully understanding how to work the one world mod. I already have a dungeon built. However i cant figure out how to "export" it so i can put it in one world. Sorry if this doenst make sense.
Aczdreign 4 JUN a las 5:04 p. m. 
Hello! I'm also adding you beacuse of your amazing TTS mods! I'm having a slight problem with oneworld, and I'm wondering if you might have a few moments to help me sort it :)
PinkMunn 25 MAR a las 5:10 a. m. 
Hey! I added you because of your awesome Tabletop Simulator mods. In your tutorial videos you show some stuff above and beyond your mods, and I was wondering if you would be willing to show me how you did that. Thanks!
TheOneTheDave 1 FEB a las 7:20 p. m. 
Had a quick question about map generation. How did you get the maps to have terraformed sections (ie ridgelines and stuff)? I've gotten down the ability to pack assets in the zone, but I still cant figure out how to make raised areas. Any help would be appreciated!
SounDz ツ 30 ENE a las 7:37 p. m. 
please add me tattle, or throw me a discord... i need help