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Great game so far. The World building is stunning and the "story" has been interesting. The gameplay itself mostly takes a back-seat and provides enough engagement to pass the time. Would highly recommend.

The game does have a few bugs, but nothing major:
* Fullscreen setting isn't remembered
* The menus hang frequently, especially once you spend a lot of time in them
Posted November 8, 2020.
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I just want to say from the outset that I like the idea behind the game. I also have a degree in computer science - with a course or two on digital circuitry - so I was actually really looking forward to the analogue/quantum parts of the game. I really want to like this game, but even after just under an hour of play time I've decided to ask for a refund. Here's an incomplete list of all the problems I came across in that short amount of time:

* Changing the graphics settings around I was able to crash the game
* Moving the window to another display stops mouse input from working
* After exiting to the main menu and loading back up puzzle progress was reset
* For a game with a rather simple aesthetic its performance is quite lacking. I can't get above 70fps with the lowest possible settings using an rx580 & 3700x.
* The UI layout is completely bizarre with "return" mixed in randomly with other things on the right (and of course esc doesn't work)
* There's nothing to introduce the controls - and the first time I tried clicking again on the first door it didn't work only the e key worked
* The introductory digital puzzle weirdly toggles the success door whenever you happen to get the right answer making it faster to just randomly toggle buttons than actually look at the circuit
* The camera is constantly snapping around with absolutely no indication for when I can move again
* Moving the gates around is really clunky: It changes your sensitivity, doesn't really work properly while walking and never easily connects up the way you want it to.
* Somehow the difficulty settings was changed from under me - I initially set it to engineer, but changed it back to normal, then midway through I opened up the menu and it was back on engineer.
* There's no indicator that you can switch the levels of the elevator - I first thought it just cycled through them and then had to wait for the crazy long animation to cycle 7 times before being able to look at the first puzzle again.
* On level 2 the game requires you to program you "gun" with a matching code. There's no indication of how this should be done and the "hint" given on the easiest mode is to "look behind you" which is entirely unhelpful when whats behind you is a wall.
* Additionally part of the puzzle on level 2 did not function until I completed an "earlier" part even though the two are entirely disconnected.
Posted September 26, 2020.
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A good investigation game with an intriguing mystery that I'd happily recommend
to anyone with an interest in the genre, however it does have some things that I
think prevent it from being great.


It's neat that you found a way to kind of integrate saving into the setting but
the game would have been better off without it. I had a couple crashes while
playing and the lack of auto save make those infuriating - I lost half an hour
of progress at one point. Don't punish your players for getting engrossed in the
story and forgetting to save. In addition there's nowhere near enough game state
in this game to justify taking several seconds to save and when you're forced to
save constantly all the animations, menus and long save times get in the way of
enjoyment. This is at its worst during the trial. For some of the cases there's
at most a minute between being asked to manually save.

The best part of the game is by far the investigation. On the other hand the
worst part is the trial. It might be different for someone who didn't find all
the evidence before the trial but for me it was quite boring. There's no
revelations, no evidence disputed nothing interesting at all really. All the
evidence is sorted and laid out for you, other than choosing which person to
accuse you're essentially just spamming e while Lady Love Dies regurgitates
everything you already know. The trial seemed to be what I was preparing for
during investigation: the grand finale, but in reality there was no grand finale
and the trial is just the conclusion of the story.
Posted September 22, 2020.
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I only played past the first campaign mission, so take this with a grain of salt.

Crashes on startup with a stock ubuntu install (3700x+rx580). Only launches using a workaround. Game is plagued with graphical glitches, hickups and horrible framerates. The UI and controls are unintuitive, which wouldn't be much of a problem if the tutorial was any good at explaining it.
I love the idea of a more-detailed, 3d OpenTTD, but this doesn't hit the mark. If you can put up with it's faults the rest of the game looks like fun, but I've asked for a refund.
Posted May 18, 2020.
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An absolute masterpiece. Best single player game I've ever played.
Posted March 20, 2020.
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Early Access Review
Great, fun game. Probably the most well made game on a technical level. Amazing Linux support.
Posted January 22, 2020.
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Does not work on linux, it starts into a black screen. From searches this seems to be an unresolved issue for some time, quite appalling. Would not recommend purchasing this if you're using linux.

I did enjoy the menu music while writing this review, so there's that.
Posted July 19, 2019.
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