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Is it just me or are there a lot of "Parallel Universe Effects Persisting to Following Runs"?
Originally posted by Waladil:
I had a run with toxic dump but without waterproof and I was immune to toxic pools. It seems like it could have been because of the TD but the game never mentions it anywhere.

I believe you are, even further, wading in toxic pools will recharge your dump faster (learned from loading screen trivia bits).
Originally posted by MSFT Esty:
My man said what button is that lmao <3

You bet! It sounded like a specific move ala "Ground Slam" or "Spin Attack".
Originally posted by Xanodia:
With the artifact equipped, your mid air spins increase your movement speed temporarily

Which default button combo is that?
Originally posted by Grinn:
A trick is something a ♥♥♥♥♥ does for money...

...or candy!

Thanks for the Urban Dictionary def, but what does it mean IN GAME?
Hey Gang,

I've unlocked an artifact that can "Boost My Tricks"...what the blank does that mean?
Aug 20 @ 5:01pm
In topic Is character choice just aesthetics?
Hey Gang,

Am I right in assuming the various characters one can choose to play with have no actual unique stats or abilities from one another?
Hey Devs,

It might just be me, but when playing a fun replayable game like this with a lot of interactive storylike events, I hate the inevitable, "Oh, remember this from a few runs back and know exactly which choices will get me that guaranteed payout". My simple suggestion, especially for some of the bigger multi-step events that lead to a great payoff, add at the very least 1 alternative result. You could even weight them to be the original end result 75% of the time, but if you could plant the fear in folks that, even if they made all the same choices, it could go bad, it won't feel as much like a game of rote memory.
Aug 12 @ 5:17pm
In topic Beta Update - V1.3.5 - Help us test it!
Hey Devs,

Here's a potential anal request. Could you please have the version numbers mentioned in the forum and in the beta tab match up?

1.3.5 != 1.03.05

Aug 6 @ 9:22pm
In topic Those two guys doing the Steam video
Originally posted by Hans CakeStealer:
Did nothing to make me want to buy this game, as a matter of fact I have more questions now than I did going in. If you're going to release a game have someone actually explain what is going on. You know explain the game, tell the viewer the bullet points of the game.

Sure, what could be better than them, every couple of minutes, stopping what they're doing to say, "For those of you just joining, we're playing Age of Wonders: Planetfall, the fourth game in the Age of Wonders series..."
Jul 31 @ 10:14am
In topic Confused about the gameplay
Sort of. There are a few items that will let you take out baddies, but doing so doesn't usually get you anything (loot or exp), it just gets them out of your face.

The real gist of this game is gathering and identifying all of the game's presents while avoiding the baddies on your quest to get all 10 of your ship's parts so you can leave Earth.

Leveling up is important, not for anything like boss fights, but just so you can survive the game's later levels more densely packed with baddies.
Jul 29 @ 7:27am
In topic Loving the new Tradewinds table!
Great Job!

Two very cool gimmicks, twin tables and a "Supply and Demand" mechanic (the more you work a single resource, the less it's worth).

This means if you just focus on 1 thing, as often happens with me once I learn how to consistently hit 1 area, you'll be hurting yourself scoringwise.

The other big mechanic, twin tables, is fun as it's all about crossing over to the other table at strategic times.
Jul 27 @ 8:25pm
In topic iOS: Option to Disable Ad Advantages
Originally posted by Stubbie:
Originally posted by Lord Gek:
An example.

When you get the Master Craftsman event the ad option will ensure you a rare item for FREE.

So now your 2 main choices are pay him 30 build for a chance at a random quality item OR watch an ad for a free guaranteed rare or better item.

Does the Steam version offer the first choice?
If so then the ads sound quite reasonable,,,, acceptable even.

Sure, watching an ad is all good, to the player, just stupidly OP. The game might as well just hit you with an unskippable ad and then drop an epic item in your lap so you won't even need to choose. 😜

This being said, in the Steam version, there is no ad sponsored option, just the nicely balanced tough choices.
Jul 27 @ 6:52pm
In topic iOS: Option to Disable Ad Advantages
An example.

When you get the Master Craftsman event the ad option will ensure you a rare item for FREE.

So now your 2 main choices are pay him 30 build for a chance at a random quality item OR watch an ad for a free guaranteed rare or better item.
Jul 27 @ 5:57pm
In topic iOS: Option to Disable Ad Advantages
Originally posted by Mysterio:

For those who paid the $5.99 to unlock the full game on iOS, at least add as an option the ability to remove ad advantages (like refreshing skill points and adding a fourth choice to events). I don't want any ad advantages in a game for which I paid $7. It should mimic the Steam version, which, as far as I've seen in videos, does not contain ad advantages.

Thank you.

I'm with him on this. Sure, you could just ignore the freebies from watching an ad, but then it feels like you are intentionally handicapping your game because you don't want to sit through an ad. The fun of the events is having to make a tough choice and now the only choice is to see an ad or take up one of the far inferior options just to not be bothered. While I do appreciate the ads are only optional, it would be great if there was an option for those using the premium version of the mobile game to not even be offered the "Ad Choices". At the same time, if only a toggable option in setup (it would be cheesy if the player could turn it off and on mid-game), in a future run that same player could enable the ad choices again.
Jul 26 @ 6:25pm
In topic Are Dragons a playable legion?
Hey Guys,

I just purchased the full game for my iPhone, and they seemed to hint at Dragons as a playable legion (they showed the banners for human, undead, steam, wild, and something that sure looked like a dragon). Are dragons a playable race in the Steam version? Is it some secret unlock or something not yet added to the EA game?
Jul 23 @ 9:25am
In topic Does the game record best runs locally?
I'd think the biggest criteria in "best" would be fewest moves to escape, not so much how many monsters you'd defeated or possessed. Maybe factoring both fewest moves and fewest creatures possessed so as to reward the most efficient escapes.
Jul 19 @ 3:00pm
In topic Not sure about buy this game
Originally posted by MonPad:

For me one thing its missing is stats for past runs - I'd like to be able to compete against my past self, e.g. see what the furthest floor I've got to on each character, or clearly tell which Big Quests are still outstanding. This would help motivate me to play it more. I believe there is the intention to make it moddable in the future, so that would also be a great boon.

I'll second this, I love having some sort of stats of top individual runs.
Jul 18 @ 8:42pm
In topic Free Packs ALL GONE NOW :(
Originally posted by DFH01:
Want some free MoE packs, 4 packs plus one legendary pack. site is in spanish

enter your email click red key symbol re-enter your email click red key again, confirm your not a robot and thats it, they send you an email with a code you redeem in the usual way at bethesda ;) no idea how long this offer lasts. can confirm it's legit

Awesome find, just worked for me! It was odd, however, that when I entered the promo code on the site it told me my "Quake promo was successfully entered", but it ended up clearly being a ESL codie, as promised.
Hey Devs,

While the music is more than fine, I prefer to play my games with just sound effects and no music. Please make music mutable in the future.
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