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Red 11 hours ago 
Yep a little child who ragequits and leaves his team mates once he gets smacked down, which is sadly a lot.
Debizoux 11 hours ago 
-rep ragequit
*biały_dJabeU* Apr 15 @ 3:53pm 
Accept please
✪INSPECTOR✪ Apr 14 @ 8:56am 
WeMbLeY-18 k comms thy Apr 14 @ 8:55am 
“Things Work Out Best For Those Who Make The Best Of How Things Work Out.” – Positive Quote By John Woode

Have a nice week ahead!<3
:crystals::candyrainbow::TheDonuts: Performance review for Ashhole :heartless::Prainbow::HalloweenFlowers:

Uses the hands or hand-tools reasonably well, but has not not yet achieved fully mastery and control, and still struggles with detail and new processes. One or two minor errors have been spotted in work presented in the current period, not putting the business at risk, but which could have been prevented if the facts and figures had been properly checked. Somewhat nervous about taking on tasks that involve physical risk and danger, but prepared to participate provided others do too. Missed more than 2 but fewer than 5 days without valid reason in 6 months.

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