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Personal Achievements

Welcome to Yelvertons' Mansion

Enter the Yelvertons' Mansion

Welcome to Lusst'ghaa

Enter the world of Lusst'ghaa

Ideas are always eternal

Finish the game

Ears wide open

Listen to the full dialogue about the name "Lusst'ghaa"

Amanda's great secrets

Open the chest in Amanda's room

One can never have too much pleasure

Spend 10 minutes at the cultists' orgy in the Yelvertons' Mansion

Story learned: Yelvertons' Legacy

Complete the Side Story: Yelvertons' Legacy

Story learned: Cult of Ecstasy

Complete the Side Story: Cult of Ecstasy

Story learned: Arcanes of Lusst'ghaa

Complete the Side Story: Arcanes of Lusst'ghaa

The Omniscient

Complete all the Side Stories

Death of your own accord


In the void of madness

Go insane

In the Cult's clutches

Get captured by the cultists

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