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Posted: Nov 3, 2019 @ 7:34am
Updated: Feb 24, 2021 @ 6:41am
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This is such an amazing game, very very beautiful. <3

To save your dying planet you have to guide your Lumini swarm to sacred place collecting energy and bringing more of Lumini to life - this happens at big blue shining cubes (it's also a save). The path takes you through deep mines, deserted wastelands, calm forests and forgotten ruins. You will meet dangerous animals and plants, you have to be very careful on your way. There are secret ways and "puzzles" too - pushing buttons to open your way and so (in these situations you will divide your Lumini to two separate swarms).

To protect yourself you can stun your enemies and fly away, also you can use special ability of each Lumini type (four in total). You will be reborn as a purple one, this one is precious as it is NOT added upon visiting blue cube, so if you lose them on your way they are lost forever... Other are blue, they have stun and rush - this is perfect when flying away from enemies to safety. Red ones are fighters, their stun (! careful when aiming for no-kill) and special ability is attack, with them you can kill enemies and clear your path permanently. The last, yellow, have stun and can pull the energy to themselves, makes the collecting easier, but watch out for nasty surprises. Each Lumini, except for purple, can be evolved two times and their skill gets better accordingly. Every Lumini counts, you have to protect the whole swarm, not just the one in lead. With bigger swarm this proves to be very challenging (I have yet to try to not let any Lumini die).

The game itself could be more balanced (but as I understand it, it's a school project!). Especially when you aim on collecting all energy your swarm gets really big and the game can experience serious lag, best thing is to stop, slow down and move away from location. When you search for energy you can get behind walls and not be able to get back, resulting in restarting the game (you can come back through water if you are lucky). Few times I have also experienced game crash, even restaring my system (last time I completed the game without any crush in one go). Also I am bit struggling with achievements now, especially with collecting all energy.

Lumini has beautiful graphic design and the story told through the world around you is sad and full of emotions, soundtrack is corresponding with it very much - it's on my wishlist now, will buy it for Christmas. I like the little details - when you touch water with your Lumini they will start to happily chatter, when you fly through trees their leaves starts to fall down, all these things make it very special. At the end I was touched very deeply.
Would love to have my Lumini as plushies, they are beautiful.
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