My real name is Foshizle Cerfullflebumb VII   Texas, United States
Please read info box before sending friend request, as well as making an artwork request.
And in case you were wondering, the answer is yes.
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A bit about me, and how my requests work
Bit about who I am

I'm a somewhat experienced SFMer who, despite his efferts, CAN'T SEEM GET THE FREAKING LIGHTING RIGHT TO SAVE HIS OWN LIFE!!! [JOKE]
I'm generaly a nice guy, I also like to make you can see. I would love to see\give advise for Source Filmmaker artwork you've made, so as to help you better your skills.

Current place of resendence: America - Texas (I will get no more specific then that)
Current game I'm obsessed with: Nothing ATM, I'm just kinda playing what I feel like playing
Religion: Why do you want to know? (Christian)

Will I be jamming religious christian stuff down your throat if you friend me? No. Will I talk about it if you are the one to bring it up? Yes, I am not afraid to talk about what I believe, and why I believe in it.
I have the right to believe what I think is true, and so do you. I can't force you to believe what I say, and you can't force me to believe what you say. capiche?

If you want to shoot me a friend request, GIVE A REASON IN THE COMMENTS BELOW.

I am taking free artwork requests. So here's how requests work around these parts

Simply send me a friend request, saying in the comments that you want some artwork. Then we can talk about it via steam chat.

There are things I wont do though.
#1 - Nothing anime related
#2 - no ponies either
#3 - no R6S (Rainbow 6 siege)

If you really want to give me some sort of payment for your request, you can do so. But please remember that TF2 items are the only form of payment I will be excepting. Please only offer pay if you want to, I don't want you to feel obligated to pay for the request. I'm simply doing these for fun

I think that's it, thank you kindly for your time. :47_thumb_up:
GuyGallant Apr 16 @ 7:10am 
I don't get requests often, so no, there is no max number of requests.
[RDZ] Pyrex Apr 16 @ 12:02am 
What's the max no of requests?
I'm sorry for the delay, I need a artwork
often talk, good friends, good activity + we met in discord.
gang-scout Apr 3 @ 10:48am 
why i add i like making friends and i want a artwork pls
Ø̲v̲ᴇ̲ʀ_[̲̅Y] Apr 1 @ 3:26am 
mf i want u to make prof pic