John   United States
I play Team Fortress 2 and Interstellar Marines quite a bit.
I also like to play Starcraft 2 as well but that isn't a Steam game.

I JUST BEAT BASTION! 11/21/2012 Great game.

I also beat Transistor, back in 11/15ish/2014

Treasured Conversation after Starcraft 2 ladder match
EarlyBeast: JUST FK YOU
cause little ♥♥♥♥ wanted to play with mines
why people like u must play this game
You: Just build observers
EarlyBeast: u are ruinin this with play like this
i do
i wont rush bloodlords + observers
because i play vs trash who play only with mines
only people like you
scrubs who want to ruin this game and take 45min for win
when i can win in 10 min
or lost in 15
but better play game 45min
You: you should win in 10 or 15 then
EarlyBeast: im talkin about normal games
when people try to play like a player
and be a better player after sometime
i was in ♥♥♥♥ bronze
and im tryin to be a better player
but people like you destroy this game
You: it's just a game though
it's about having fun
EarlyBeast: and wastin time?
You: it wasn't a waste of my time
EarlyBeast: your tactic is about wastin time
but my yes
i should surrender eariler and dont play it
i was mad whole game
cuz u did ♥♥♥♥ scrub tactic
same like 6 pool lings
people are learin one tactic and reach diamond with it
and game end in 4min
i hate scrubs who cant play somethin normal
and i know my english sucks but im mad and i need to write about it
You: it's alright man
EarlyBeast: then tell me why do you like when someone is mad on you
every game looks like this?
You: I like the retribution of insults all game long. If you don't win after insulting all game long, you should be mad.
EarlyBeast: i didnt insult people how win with normal play style
You: you called me a scrub all game long. If you don't win, that means you got beaten by a scrub
EarlyBeast: and i dont know how to play vs that ♥♥♥♥ mines i dont know how to play vs one mine
and vs 50+ it's so ♥♥♥♥ annoyin for me
You: maybe go banelings or roaches
EarlyBeast: i was tryin to do bane but i was that mad
and i surrender
after surr i think about bloodlords but it was too late
it wasnt GG for me
i wanted to play one game and go to bed
You: It's not my job to make your games good
EarlyBeast: i know
but rushin mines
seriously man
maybe 3 tanks 1 helion
and mines
that was all
i dont need to win
but i want to lose like a ♥♥♥♥ player not a low who cant counter mines
i hope u know what i mean
i know im bad
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EarlyBeast: nvm sorry for insults to you
You: it's alright man
EarlyBeast: have a good night bro
You: just try to adapt to the play
EarlyBeast: cya
EarlyBeast disconnected
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